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Activate Your Core Essence with these 12 Sacred Keys of Awakening!

Live fully as Your Creationary Power!


For VIDEOS of Christine speaking about Evolutionary Initiations:


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"Evolutionary Initiations"  Intro (instant access) (You can skip the first 5 minutes)

"Evolutionary Initiations" replay

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Evolutionary   Initiations
      Module 2: Activating New Possibilities    2013

March   3:    Infusing Personal Self  with Source.  This initiation allows you to finally be aligned in your true beingness and higher purpose. It allows your enlightened energies to permeate through your personality and life. 

March 17:   
Rebirth! Healing Your 4 Original Cells.  There are 4 original cells each human has which lay the foundation for all experiences in life. Healing and activating these to their highest potential allows you to move from suffering and disenfranchisement to your intrinsic health and power.

March 31:    Prosperity: Full Ignition.   You are naturally Abundance and this creates all Prosperity. This day works to clear all blocks to living as and receiving universal flow of all kinds.... love, finances, opportunities, peace of mind, knowing true self.

April  14:     Sacred Womb of Creation: Deepening into Cosmic Power. There is a very special place within women and men from which we are in tune with and create from the power of creation, where we know we are the power of creation. This initiation is an extraordinary opportunity to engage in this way with the forces of the universe. Clears issues in relationship, alignment with life, gives purpose, self esteem, etc.
    Each module also includes 4 hour long teleconferences

Attend in person in San Rafael, CA, or by webinar.
Distance does not get in the way of receiving this energy! 

"The initiation moved mountains within me."    M.S., astrologer
"It was a deep transformation into the very core of my being."
   J.A., healer
"There has been tremendous movement. I feel hugely liberated."   
N.S., healer 
"Something ancient and eternal was awakened in me."   
D.E., author
"Working with Christine creates an immersion into pure spiritual bliss. Her work goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. She is such a healing treasure to have in this world." 
W.V., pilot, healer
"I could literally feel the ancient blocks from my ancestral line over thousands of years being gently removed with Christine's amazing skill and energy. She helped me to clear, open and invite my enlightened self into my body and now I feel that I am home to the core of my being. This is amazing work!"  T.R., channel, author, healer
"Christine is a wonderful healer and teacher. Her compassion and strength create a loving environment where magic happens."
  B.R., business system analyst

March 3:    Infusing Personal Self with Source

 We have now made this initiation available to be taken separately so first timers can get to know us and this opportunity for such unprecedented growth! This is an amazing opportunity to easily transform sooooo very much in one day! 


                                            Module 1:  Clearing the Decks     2012
Oct. 21:  8 Chakras Healing and Activation.  This clears huge levels of self defeating energies and old deficient patterns, and activates your receivership of pure supportive high frequency universal energies. Transforms your structures of flow with the universe. Opens abundance of all kinds. Includes activation of the transpersonal thymus chakra, the gateway to infinite immunity; and the umbilicus, both of which are gateways to much needed physical nourishment. Also aligns all the chakras with each other, and Terra, the heart gem of the Earth. Can tremendously relieve stress of all kinds.
Nov. 4:  Restructuring the Grids of Your Reality Base: Breaking the Bonds of Duality.  Opens gateways into Oneness. Your structures of reality created by your habitual mind and your potentials will be changed forever, and you will come into a much deeper understanding of who you are and what you can accomplish with your life. 
Nov. 18:  DNA of Origin Activation.  Experience, activate, and embody your gifts and power of your Essence. Where did you come from before you came to Earth? What gifts have been lying dormant waiting to be expressed? How can you come into contact with your deep powerful multidimensional self to empower you here and now?
Dec. 2:  Kundalini Activation and Sacred Marriage Sacred marriage of the Feminine and Masculine within your personal self. Your kundalini power will safely awaken and increase which will cultivate your power of enlightenment and life force energies within your sacred channels and shakti circuits. Also very helpful for good health, flow with the universal energies, release of co-dependent patterns, and increased sexual fluidity and tantric bliss with life. 
Are you tired of playing small, or simply know there is a next step for you? Would you like to easily receive a huge jump start on your evolution? Are you longing to birth yourself into the magnificence you know you are? 
If your answer is YES, you are invited to experience these profound life changing initiations that will lead you into a new kind of human, a new species, a new way of living as the embodied true light of our being. Our energetic structures are becoming inadequate, problematic, and obsolete. They are crumbling and new ones are needed to take their place.
The Evolutionary Initiations are extremely helpful in giving you the necessary transformation of what has been holding you back from exhibiting your full joyfull radiant self. Fear, worry, anger, disgust, blame, shame, pain, withholds, depressions, and more, will be easily touched and released with the power of focused shakti and consciousness transmissions.
Join us for this rare and priceless opportunity to receive the support you need to birth into your unique expression of the Infinite Human. You will be touched on all levels of your being. Your light bodies will be activated, tons of unwanted baggage will drop away, and you will literally be grounded into the dynamic new Earth consciousness, and will discover more courage to finally be expanded, purposeful, surrendered to your greater self, and courageous in all your actions. Recipients have reported these beneficial effects to be ongoing and permanent. Imagine how great this will feel!
This could be exactly what you have been waiting for!
You will:
  * Drop a tremendous amount of pain and suffering on all levels
  * Be activated into a wonderful joyful state of Oneness  
  * Experience immediate and permanent shifts that will continue to grow in your life  
  * Have a new more loving relationship with yourself, others, and life itself  
  * Evolve spiritually at a very rapid rate  
  * Come home to your Inner Sancuary and be 'full of yourself' !
This will catapult you into more:
  * Freedom    * Confidence    *Peace    * Joy    * Spontaneity    * Calmness   
  * Awakened inner gifts and talents  
  * Heightened intuition    
  * Enjoyment of new and clear directions to life and your purpose here
Leap into a life of living and being your dream of Infinite Possibilities!

Aloha, Beauty One!

We are experiencing at this critical time of 2012 a huge shifting as we are being pushed like never before to evolve into a new species of humans, a new way of living as the true light and creationary power of our innermost being. Would you like to feel your purpose become clearer? Awaken your inner gifts even more? Have the capacity to align fully with your highest calling? Embody your full creationary power? Stop feeling like you need to prove or defend yourself to anyone?

I am hoping you will join us and receive the support you need to become all that you can be as your unique embodied powerful essence and to live with much more grace and balance NOW!  You will be steeped in some of the most transformational life changing energies available anywhere. This awakening will activate your inate connection back into Oneness, and give you the metaphysical structures to uphold your shift.

You will easily release so much old pain, heartache, old layers of separation, anxiety, frustration, duality, and feeling inconsequential, off-track, underpowered, or perhaps alone. No more lost time or lengthy and costly processing! Imagine how good it will feel to remember and live from who you really are! Ah, BLISS!

This work is so amazing in its ability to create a whole new interface with reality for each participant. I am able to see the energetic grids of reality that uphold the way in which you perceive, react, and create your life, and am also able to help them shift safely, quickly, powerfully, and permanently! This 1-3 module (your choice) Embodied Mastery Program will give you the courage and wherewithal to finally become all you can be: expanded, awakened, purposeful, powerful, free, surrendered to your greater self, joyful, and courageous in all your actions. People who have experienced it have reported feeling the effects of these events and private initiatory sessions continuing on for weeks and longer, with the beneficial effects growing and permanent, and touching all levels of their lives. I hope you will consider joining us for this priceless gift of this opportunity at this time of authentic Initiation into Yourself!

 Love, All ways, always,



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