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Breaking the Bonds of Duality online course
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Be liberated into your enlightened abundant life!
This month long program can help you break free of the extremely limiting 3rd dimensional structures of consciousness. It includes the following 5 classes' PDF workbooks with illuminating daily self discovery meditations, daily processes, and 4 powerful initiatory MP3s:

1) Breaking the Bonds of Duality: Releases dualistic mindsets and emotions from ancestors, collective, and personal fields which has prevented you from knowing yourself as, and receiving, the creationary forces of Source. Deeply healing, nourishing, and illuminating.

2) Restructuring the Grids of Your Reality Base: Opens gateways into Oneness by addressing the mind, soul, and physical and energetic bodies’ Harmonics of Form. Releases more psychological burdens.

3) DNA of Origin Activation: Activates and enables embodiment of the gifts and powers of your original Essence.

4) Kundalini Activation: Safely awakens and increases your kundalini. Cultivates power of enlightenment, life force, and increased sexual fluidity and tantric bliss with life. 

The following 2 videos (the first is shorter but includes the correct number of PDF lessons, and the second has more in depth info about the initiations) explain a bit about Breaking the Bonds of Duality, the new Evolutionary Initiations Mastery Program's Module 1, Level 1. (Watch either or both.)

Let’s face it, 3rd dimensional life on planet Earth has been hard. This is because it has been based on duality structures of lack, struggle, and conflict. If you are still trying to find fulfillment through these limiting energetic structures and agreements that you took on as you incarnated, your journey can feel like you are struggling upstream against a raging river, or like you just can’t get ahead! Life has been a lesson on how to live with your Infinite Being crammed into a tiny contorted package. Ouch!    

This powerful course is designed to help you finally get free from these old energetic structures  and enable you to live an awakened life filled with wonderful possibilities and fulfillment! Source energies are delivered in 4 MP3s which help facilitate this liberation, as higher dimensional ones then elegantly arise to support your enlightened and abundant living. The benefits are far reaching as permanent shifts and alignments are created throughout your ego, soul, and beyond, creating a whole new foundation for your greatly empowered life! Yay!

     ~ Drop tons of old patterning
     ~ Shift from living in struggle, to living gracefully and harmoniously in Oneness
     ~ Be able to easily draw to you whatever you need
     ~ Feel more peace, harmony, and love in your life
     ~ Evolve spiritually at a very rapid rate    
     ~ Learn and embody who you really are as an awakened being
     ~ Enhance your creativity, spontaneity, and joy
     ~ Embrace your evolutionary destiny: change from 3rd dimension to 5th and beyond
     ~ and much more
You will receive a welcome video and 5 informative PDFs filled with many profound daily exercises and meditations. (2 examples are clearing mental perceptions of duality, and noticing judgement.) You will also listen to 4 transformational mp3s 38-40 minutes long in which Christine's voice will lead you on an inner journey of healing and activation through vocal sound healing and energies of consciousness from high dimensional fields of Source. You will experience immediate and permanent shifts, exactly the right amount for you, that will continue to grow in your life.
Prerequisite for attending:
     ~ Computer with high speed internet connection to view welcome video, and to download the PDFs and MP3s.
     ~ A quiet still place to listen 38-40 minutes at a time, with still or non busy time after.
     ~ A deep desire to shift your perspective and drop limitations, and to embody and expand into your true self.     
     ~ This course is designed for all levels of participants ready for a deep shift in consciousness since it affects such deep foundational levels of their beings. Everyone drawn to this course will receive the perfect amount of energetic shift for them. A glossary of metaphysical terms is included.
Once you purchase ($244), you will have access to the full month's course as a whole.

There are 3 more videos on our Video page that speak more about Evolutionary Initiations.
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