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  the Prayers of Awakening™ project!


Prayers of Awakening™  is a series of vocal sound healing recordings by Christine Hodil for 5 illnesses, to be donated free of charge globally.

Thank you for your interest in this healing project! We are actively asking for FUNDING and other volunteers to get this project running!

We are calling for participants who are having issues with: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart issues, Lyme and other tick borne disease, and Chronic Fatigue. When there are 10-20 participants per illness (the number we intuit will give us a good base of the various metaphysical causes of them), Christine, a potent sound healer and medical intuitive with over 30 years experience, will record the healing frequencies that are being called for by this gourp, and beyond, for FREE. We are making this also as a study, so receivers will be asked to listen to the very short recording made for their group daily for 21 days, and fill out a very brief intake form and result form. These recordings will then become available FREE online for everyone who wishes to listen and receive. This has been an inspired dream of mine for at least 15 years, and the time is NOW! Together we can make this happen!

I cannot do this alone..... we need a community of people to join in so this can become a reality, firmly grounded into this Earth by the group's "YES, we are ready and calling for this level of easy and gracious healing!". The universe will respond if enough of us as a group are willing to firmly stand in the call for high frequency healing to infuse this realm of existence. We will be helping change the very nature of humanity's ability to truly know its potential.

We are also calling for participants who wish to support the manifested creation of this project getting out to the world. It is also necessary to gather the 50-100 energy receivers, support for the recording process, the organization work, the website work, the data entry, the outreach, trademark fees, attorney consult, etc..

We have realized that it will be better for me to not do any of the intakes or signups so it is more of a 'blind' study (I plan on knowing everybody's names just prior to the recordings), so please do not email or call me or expect a response from me prior to the recording. Just fill in the form below! You will then be contacted by Andrea, our coordinator.

Here are some important and valuable ways to join us!

√  Volunteer to be the administrative assistant who will gather everyone's names and send out the short intake and result forms, be the 'go to' person in coordination, etc. (Handle data entry/ admin tasks of contacting recipients, feedback, and any questions and comments about the project.)          Update: YAY, someone has volunteered for this! Thank you, Andrea!

~ Be part of the pilot group and one of the 50-100 first receivers (FREE!) of the transmitted vocalizations (long distance, all together)

~ Spread the news to and invite potential recipients

~ Professionally record and produce Christine's vocalizations 

~ Help with the initial setup online (website, social media) and upkeep

~ Graphic design of flyers and creating a logo

~ Attorney assistance with trademarking and how to safely write about the project

~ Film a short video of Christine talking about the project

~ Edit film

~ Spread the news about the free online recordings to your community to receive

~ Donate money for expenses: any tasks not volunteered for, listed above; also hard expenses such as trademark costs, website upkeep, bookkeeping, etc. This kind of project takes a lot of dedicated planning, follow through, and MONEY to create its reality! THANK YOU!

PLEASE NOTE!: Christine will NOT be reading your intake form information until right before the dates of the recordings. Andrea is the wonderful volunteer administrative assistant who will be compiling all the information and will be your contact person.

Full name:
Email address
   and phone number, even if Christine has it:
Please write clearly in less than 10 words total how would you like to participate: If as a SUPPORT PERSON: list what you are volunteering to do.
RECEIVERS: please select here which of these 5 illness(es) pilot group(s) you are signing up for: lymes, cancer, heart, diabetes, chronic fatigue):PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER INFORMATION HERE- just the name of the illness!

(Receivers will be asked to listen to the short recording daily for 21 days, and then fill out a short form so this can be a study.)