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  New Gut & Core Alignment Upgrade  ❤

a Powerful New Initiation for your transfiguration!

Hello, Loves!

Do you want to be liberated and empowered into your True Destiny?

With this extraordinary Evolutionary Initiation you will:

~ Strengthen and Align in your deepest core, the Self within your body, and with All That Is
~ Receive a new Divine Template, a new support structure as your personal energy field
~ Be Nourished with enlightened frequencies
~ Enhance the Stellar capacities of your higher functioning heart and gut
~ Receive support for unfolding your true destiny

We must evolve now and be recreated into these new capacities to be able to weather this current mutation of humanity with more ease and grace!


   "New Gut & Core Alignment Upgrade"  telecall

  Monday, Oct. 16;   7: - 8: pm pacific

Register here by Sunday Oct. 15, 7 pm pacific: $33-88


Experiences from the recent Solar Eclipse's "New Brain and Core Alignment" Initiation:  

"There was a connection in my brain, like a hammock under my pineal gland, and it was saying "This is your new galactic foundation.""

"Many thanks for the Solar Eclipse event. It was so rich and very profound again ... and it continued to work with me for days afterwards." (he received this long distance, while asleep.)

"Thank you so much! The way this is working is that there is so much ease to it. Any area you were mentioning, it was just happening. It was very amazing. Something has really changed; the way my brain is connected- so much more integrated in my body, so much more lightness of being, and just a presence.  I just feel so grateful. Your work is soooo important right now. You were born to do this."


Many of us have been feeling the powerful energies that are rockin' our home planet Earth as the stellar bodies such as the Sun, the Moon, the other planets in this universe and beyond, are all also changing their magnetic signatures and rates of oscillation. This is putting great pressure on us (literally) to basically mutate our energy fields and physical strength.

I am able to see the actual metaphysical structures of form of your mind, your greater energy fields, and your connections (or lack of) with the core of the solar system and galaxy and beyond. With the help of very high and masterful teams of consciousness and love, we will assist you in creating a permanent and brand new, evolved, and improved inner core and soul alignment, and attunement to new brain, heart, and gut synchronizations. These will enable you to implement new ways of integrating and working with all the extreme external and internal shifts that are occurring.

All you have to do during these calls is relax, and let the magic happen.

You can choose to attend this telecall via phone, or long distance. (We have had reports of great results that way as well, even if asleep or busy at that particular time.)

To view Videos on other Evolutionary Initiations from 2011:
Click this:


   Monday, Oct. 16;   7: - 8: pm pacific time

Click to register: "New Gut & Core Alignment Upgrade"  by Sunday, 10/15, 7 PM!

Consistently getting expert help really helps build our inner resources which we need during this massive planetary shift.
I am always in the intention of helping you know yourself as the creationary powers of Life itself, the Infinity of you, in harmony with All That Is, as this precious human being you are.

Let's "have a ball", as much as possible !!!   Life is a dance...

<<< --------- Christine Hodil  is a masterful medical intuitive, spiritual initiator, metaphysician, mystic, sound healer, and musician. She has 34 years experience helping others make permanent and extraordinary shifts in their lives!            1-800-325-0264