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Igniting Your True Power: The Illuminated Sound of Creation

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Igniting Your True Power: The Illuminated Sound of Creation
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      The Illuminated Sound of Creation: Ignite Your True Power !
This Intensive is an extraordinary opportunity to light speed your evolution.
Dear fellow travelers of these morphing wormholes of consciousness!
What an off the charts transformation we are all going through. For many of us, it has been very difficult, yet oh, so fruitful!
At our latest Source Healing event series, "Free At Last", we had a transformational blast.
One attendee accredited it for having her whole life open into success soon thereafter;
another reported having never felt so gorunded; another reported that she is always calm, and "I glow with love from my chest every day, and walk purposefully"- even during a recent major ER surprise surgery. We ARE getting through these passages, we CAN do this, and I have found that consistently getting expert help is continuing to build our inner resources we so need during this massive planetary shift.
Inner sound initiation and vocal sound have been 2 major ways I have assisted over these past decades, as I have seen it create such large strides of empowerment in people's lives.
This Sound Immersion in May is an extraordinary opportunity to receive both aspects of this sound equation, and it will give light speed to transformation to those who will attend.
All life emanates consciousness as sound. It can be perceived and felt in everything, especially in your own mind and body. It is a direct link into the Infinite Majesty of who you really are, your Essence, beyond all concepts or programming. This course will empower your awareness and initiation into your transfiguration, healing, joy, peace, love, and create the capabilities of directing it to affect yourself and others.

This will touch the core of you, at its creationary power, as your singularity in the ocean of sound that is in all things manifest. The flow of consciousness through causative sound can be yours; you can feel its ecstasy in your cells. Much healing and awakening will occur for you here.

First you will be Initiated into the Core of Creation.
Then you will be led through opening and empowering your vocal abilities to use this knowledge and embody this initiation to affect life in positive ways.

I will: ~ open the gateways of power and esoteric knowledge
          ~ emanate and transmit the necessary codes and frequencies for your awakening and rebirth
          ~ help formulate new metaphysical alignments which will support you through all areas of life
          ~ teach you exercises and ways to be with your voice to further this initiation and mastery

You will:  
 ~ Clear karmic and other distortions and be more able to speak your truth, power, and delight !
 ~ Change Your DNA- Receive the ability to activate the crystalline nature of your DNA.
 ~ Strengthen and Align in the deepest core of your self and the Self within your body
 ~ Open and strengthen gateways of Truth and Totality of Your Being and powerfully express it in world
 ~ Be Initiated into the Heart of Creation
 ~ Learn why Silence and Stillness are the most important aspects of Life
 ~ Be Initiated into Nada Brahma, the consciousness of Sound
 ~ Be Nourished in the sanctity of the Field of All Realms
 ~ Raise your frequencies 
 ~ Enhance the Stellar capacities of your higher functioning brain
 ~ Honor your unique voice   
 ~ Learn sound self healing techniques and exercises
 ~ Know Confidence  
 ~ Enhance your creativity
 ~ Free your sacral, throat, and heart+ centers/chakras.
 ~ Ignite and expand yourself into the majesty of illumination and creative knowledge
We will:  be assisted by vast numbers of Hathors, Angelics, Elohim (master builders of form), Ascended Masters, Earth and other Elements, universal energies, the ancestral teams of all realms, and the cosmic clock. 
     12:- 5:   Sat. DTBA  and  1:- 4:30  Sunday DTBA      San Rafael, CA  

This is for you if:
  ~  You are serious and intent on awakening to your true power and Essence
  ~  You choose to be empowered on your spiritual journey  
  ~  You are ready to gift yourself with true awakening
  ~  You choose to have rapid, safe, and illuminated transfiguration of your being
  ~  You choose to make the most out of your life  
  ~  You choose to Embody your Sacred Mastery
  ~  You are a non musician or musician choosing to increase your capabilities beyond what you have imagined
Please contact me first b4 paying to make sure it will be a good fit for you and the group. You can pay using the Paypal button here (use 'Send to friend' to my email address with your Paypal balance so no fee, or add 4% to include fees if using credit card or other than 'Send to Friend' ) or you can mail a check, or pay cash in advance. Call me and I will give that info.
$1060 for Sat. and Sun. paid 1 week b4 Intensive start ; after that, $1200
                              (We might consider allowing Sat. only attendance in special circumstances - $595)
                              (Single initiations can also be given individually; $777 for up to 2 hours)

To register and pay, go to your Paypal account. Use your paypal account balance (or add 4% credit card fee) Choose 'Send Money to Friend or family' and send it to sourcehealing(at)yahoo(dot)com. This way there will be no fees. 
Or you can pay by check. Call to find out where and when to mail payment. You can also pay cash at the door.
Instructions for Paypal newbies:
Choose the blue Money at top, which brings you to this page. Then choose Send or request money. Choose send money to friends and family

Then send the amount to sourcehealing(@)yahoo(dot)com. (spelled like this so robo-spammers don't get my email address)

Christine Hodil is a masterful sound healer, medical intuitive, a true spiritual initiator, metaphysical architect, and teacher of Illumination with over 34 years experience assisting others in vastly speeding up their evolution, awakening, and self empowerment. 1-800-325-0264 SourceHealing(at)yahoo(dot)com