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CLASSES: Singing, Sound, and Healing Voice

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Classes: Singing, Sound, Healing Voice
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I am not currently teaching any singing classes. Feel free to write to me to indicate your interest in attending one in the future.

I offer private singing lessons geared to help you deeply awaken and embody your soul energy through your singing voice- in person in Marin County just north of San Francisco, and via skype to anywhere in the world. To contact me, call 1-800-325-0264.

I am also available to come to your area to teach a sound healing and awakening intensive. Please let me know of your interest in hosting me there.

The classes listed below are past. 

Sound Intensive January 2015

VOICE "Beyond Perfomance" class series


"After 10 other singing teachers, I finally received the key to singing confidently and consistently from my core from Christine. Huge progress!" A.L.
"After having been trained as a professional opera singer, Christine gave me the exercise that provides my voice the necessary support and power. I so wish I would have known this 20 years ago!"  J.P.

"I feel safe to open up in a vulnerable way with Christine. She deeply sees and nourishes each person's strengths. She is a very compassionate, respectful, and skillful teacher." M.S.

"Christine's class was a jet flight for me into risk-taking and confidence building." C.H.

"Christine is a dynamic and inspired teacher." A.H.

"Christine's gifts as a vocalist and as a healer are amazing and from the heart." Y.S.

"Christine is an absolute gift from the Divine. She anchors a healing experience for her students with her gentle grace, her wildness, and her openness to the greatest of our teachers and guides." A.C.

"Christine, are you bringing your vocal magic out into the world? I only saw you releasing your voice a few times, but your acoustic work penetrated deep into me. I've been looking for that energy since...get a bit of the texture from (...) but would still love to hear it from the source. Are you moving your music out these days, and if so how could I find when/where you let it move?" B.H.

Individual lessons in singing, and sound healing classes and intensives are given by Christine in the San Francisco bay area.

Some of the past course titles are "Empowerment Using The Singing Voice", "Sing Yourself Whole", "Voice Beyond Performance", "Sound Healing", & "Mystical Exploration through Voice".

All the work includes:
* exercises and direct experiences of grounding into the physical body
* connecting your body, psyche, and essence to allow Grace to flow through more readily
* improvisational singing
* individual healings
* healing and aligning all the chakras with the intention of empowerment and embodiment.

The "THE SOUND HEALING INTENSIVE" also teaches how to use sound and consciousness to effect healing for oneself and others.

VOICE "BEYOND PERFORMANCE" is an 8 to 10 week journey into developing one's skills to be authentically present vocally. We sing improvisationally and scripted songs, solo, and with a group. The last class is a "Beyond Performance" for invited guests. Awesome.

This class is designed to help the participant access his inner strength and Presence. This helps heal, awaken, build confidence, and free each person to express herself authentically.

Most all of us have suffered core wounding around our self-expression, especially in regards to our singing voice. This has limited our lives in ways not normally associated with singing, such as how we relate to everyday movements and interactions, how we approach our lives with freedom. Being oneself in our authenticity, as our birthright, has been lost or covered up so much that we live out only a portion of our gifts. Lost have been our sensuality, life force, power, spontanaity, capacity of our speaking voice.

These classes are designed to help you break through the old deadening patterns and habits so as to reclaim your Divine inheritance of richness which allows your true essence to shine forth. Each session is created according to the needs of the group. People with ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE have come to these classes and have benefitted greatly.



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