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Christine specializes in getting to and healing the Source of patients' difficult cases where healing has been elusive and other treatments ineffective. She also works in collaboration with MDs, acupuncturists, and osteopaths specializing in Lyme disease and its co-infections, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, physical trauma/ injuries / surgeries, emotional issues, spiritual awakening, etc.       
Note the photo of spoon in this page's corner that Christine twisted in 1980s!
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Christine after being tested for light emanations from her hands in biophysicists Beverly Rubik and Harry Jab's biophoton measuring booth!

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    DNA activations; Kundalini activations; Opening of the Lower Gates; Christing: Activation of the Inner Grail; The Divine Template; Sacred Womb Illumination, etc. 
Individual sessions: in person, by phone or skype, or long-distance.

What is Source Healing?

All aspects of life are created by, are consciousness. In Source Healing, Christine aligns herself with the vast field of the consciousness of creationary power. She is instantly shown what is relevant to see, say, and do in each moment of every session to get to the source of the problem and address contractions and blockages, and/or to awaken each person to their next level to their true and expanded (and grounded!) self. She allows herself to be a conduit or emanation of the Infinite which best serves the client. Stuck places of flow in the totality of a person’s being are gently and powerfully touched and invited to move. In this way, the body can often heal old physical trauma within 10 minutes, restoring mobility and releasing pain. She also has the ability to talk with pathogens in the body and with the body's consciousness, which often
very rapidly facilitates the reformulation of its tissues and processes. The client’s soul, personality, and the greater Oneness of Being dictate the results and often great healing and awakening occur very easily. Easy purification of old constructs of mind and spirit is accomplished, and spiritual initiation might also be part of the process.

How does it look?

Christine and the receiver simply connect
in sessions in person, over the phone, or via computer through Skype video. Long-distance work is when Christine and her client have set up a pre-determined time for her to work, with a report sent to the client via email. Many people all over the world have reported great success through these means. Sometimes intuitive medical readings are given. All kinds of counseling and verbal teaching can take place; also simple, direct, and powerful gazing into the client's eyes awakens them to their true nature ; and / or exercises through movement or vocal sound might be given. Clairvoyant and Direct Knowing counseling is employed when people want more clarity and insight in their lives and physical body issues.
To produce a more holistic and much faster rate of recovery, Christine also collaborates with her patients' practitioners of allopathic and natural medicine, chinese medicine, psychotherapy, and osteopathy, sharing her recommendations  and observations with them.

What kind of issues have people reported finding relief or healing from?
~ Insomnia ~ Injuries ~ Surgeries ~ Tumors ~ Arthritis ~ Lyme Disease ~ Hormonal Imbalance ~ Compulsive Eating ~ Stress ~ Inflammation ~ Concussions ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ Pain ~ Childbirth ~ Feeling stuck ~ Emotional excess ~ Depression ~ Menstrual irregularities ~ Childhood Issues~ Karma ~ Lack of clarity ~ Low Self Esteem ~ Low Libido ~ Fears ~ Unhealthy Habits ~ Worry ~ Carpal Tunnel ~ Deafness ~ Vision Impairment ~ Relationship Issues ~ Infections ~ Surgeries ~ Sensitivities

Additionally, many report deep and lasting spiritual changes and deep Awakening into their own Divine Nature. They feel more whole, more ‘in’ themselves, empowered in relationships with others and their life, more creative, more aware of the greater being they are, and free of irritation with life circumstances which used to weigh on their minds.
More reported benefits:                     

* Inner peace, more joy and positivity
* Increase in self-esteem, self love, self acceptance, self trust
* Feeling of lightness, hope, well being; a burden lifted
* Feeling home in self and the world
* Further along on their spiritual journey
* Sense of well-being
* Increase in body awareness
* Vitality
* Consciousness expansion, spiritual energy assimilation
* Enhanced intuition
* Grounded quality in spiritual practice
* Clarity of purpose, strength
* Living more authentically and spontaneously
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Private and Group sessions, Classes, Lessons, Activations, Initiations, Ceremonies, Seminars, Healing Clinics, Music, and Dance



Rev. Christine is not a licensed physician, medically trained, nor a therapist. This work is energetic and spiritual by nature, and we make no guarantees or claims. Every client is encouraged to see their licensed doctor, acupuncturist, and/or therapist for all issues.