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"Working with Christine creates an immersion into pure spiritual bliss. Her work goes far beyond anything I've ever experienced. She's such a true healing treasure to have in this world."  M.W., pilot

"I can hardly believe how much easier it is to breathe! Like bucketfuls of air instead of a thimbleful. I feel like a different person, brighter and lighter." 
N.C., retired
"Christine's work is very powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough !'s to express that!' " J.W., building contractor

"It's amazing how much I felt my energy shift during the session. I'm so much lighter since I started working with you." 
"After one session with Christine, my 10 year long carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared and I have remained pain-free for years since."   P.H., carpenter

"I shared more with Christine in one session than I had with my therapist in one year. I was so empowered that I was able to end an on-going abusive relationship immediately after.
Also, one of my large uterine tumors disappeared, which the x-rays showed 2 days after my session!"  C.M., teacher
"My tests came back negative for Lyme disease! After 6 years of spending a fortune on medical treatments and feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere, I am now enjoying my energy level back at around 85%! It was because of your work with me, and I told (the referring doctor) that it was. Thank you so much!"  K. (this was after 12 sessions)
"Christine, I no longer am crippled with constantly crying about the death of my mother. I am calm and even. I actually had a good time while clearing out her home. My therapist is really interested in seeing you for a session to experience your work. She's in awe of the speed and pace of my progress. I wanted to let you know what a difference you've made in my life. Thank you so much! It feels like a miracle every time you work on me."  N.
Dog healing:  "My dog is now so much calmer and has gained needed weight. She doesn't bark anymore at noises outside. And I'm stunned and thrilled at my other dog's shocking recovery. The swelling, itchiness, and intense pain he had in his ear for 5 years is gone!"  N.B.

"Working on my 'stuff' with Christine was actually entertaining and fun!"
  J.H., brain integrationist

"In Christine's loving presence I felt safe to explore myself deeply. She has a genius for facilitating the movement of energy."   D.K., somatic practitioner

"Thank you so much for an incredible session yesterday! An amazing experience that continues to shift and change me."  G.

"I have been to many a psychic and energy healer, yet I was still blown away when I had my first session with Christine. I came to her on literally one of the worst day of my life. What happened during and after our session felt like a true miracle. I regained a sense of sanity and balance. My depression quickly began to dissipate, and my appetite returned immediately! I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is ready for change, to release old unwanted energy, and to step back into yourself. "  Amanda, holistic esthetician
"With Christine there was a whole body feeling of connection with the Divine being I am."   C.I., singer, songwriter

"After surgery and months of painful swelling in my knee, I experienced Christine's frequency work. Within a week I could walk for half mile with no swelling and it continued to improve steadily. I'm so grateful. She is a very gifted healer."  
M.B., bodysound practitioner
"I want to tell you how fabulous I feel. You really did some amazing things. I really feel different. My husband and friends can see the change in me. My husband says I am glowing. He sees my happiness. After years of not feeling sexual, I can't stop. He loves it, and you, for this! There is such a rush of blood flow in my body. I feel so awake. I have this inner calm. I have never been calm before inside. How fantastic! I just want to hug my students all day long, I feel so much love. I have been feeling so much power in my legs. I am not bothered by the other teachers in my department anymore; it just doesn't affect me."  L.L., high school teacher

"I felt very seen. I'm much clearer and lighter."
"I am more open in the heart. Clear and anchored."  K.A.
"It was nice to feel all that opening."  B.B.
"Through her voice Christine opens the heavens and brings down the spirits."  J.B., author, spiritual counselor

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! I always feel totally different after coming to see Christine."
  F.M., building contractor

"I didn't have any food cravings at all since I had the session with you 3 weeks ago!"  A.
"For the first time in my life I felt truly grounded."  P.H., healer
"I felt so wonderfully grounded from our first session. I didn't get sick on the plane, which is the usual. After my second session with you, I was able to present my work to groups out of my Presence, not from my pain. Others noticed the difference. I now can feel and present my work from the power of the heart."  M., director of social health non-profit

"Christine literally helped save my life during a kundalini episode."
  L.S., healer

"I had one session with Christine where we worked with my fear of having to give a cesarean birth. She said she was talking with my unborn child. He turned inside me right there in the session and went into his head down position. My baby shot out of me so easily 2 weeks later in the delivery room!" 
C.F., mother
"Something ancient and eternal was awakened in me."  D., author
"She is a phenomenon!"   W.M., goldsmith

The following comments are from 20 minute sessions':
(comments from physical trauma and physical issues are on Physical Trauma Healing page. Numbers after the issue denote multiple sessions. Each testimonial is by a different person; their first initial is after their words.)
emotional release........"I just started sobbing immediately because I felt so safe here. Old emotions just flowed and cleared out."  A.
feels out of balance........2) "For several days after our first session my friends saw a brightening in me. Very beautiful. I was deeply touched by our session together. It was very powerful for me. I feel very good, very alive.  3) A lot shifted. Things I knew for a long time make sense now. I have clarity.  4) I feel in a bigger flow now."  B.
feeling crazy........"It's amazing you picked right up on that. 2) Last week was a turning point with my husband. Thank you."  C.
fear......."I saw a tunnel that appeared that came and took the stuff that was leaving."  C.
insomnia........I see it is from hormonal imbalance  "After 6 months of not sleeping after giving birth I am sleeping again and I feel good!"  N.
insomnia........"I slept 9 hours straight through the night after my session."  L.
insomnia........ "I slept like a baby the night after my session, and felt wonderful the next day." D.
depressed........"That was very powerful. I felt a lot flowing through. Like being home."  D.
driving phobia........"I drove on the freeway yesterday with absolutely no fear or panic or sensation about it at all, and I know it was from the work we did together."  A.
fatigue, overall not feeling well........(this was an hour session) 1) I see and release entity, and also heal the cause and creation of the impingement. "I feel like I got my space back, my ownership back. Wow. What you said makes sense. This session was definitely more than I expected. When you get that big a shift after working so hard for it..... I had a life or death need to break through this. You saw it in moments and cleared it. What an amazing gift. I feel so much energy flowing in me. My perception is back. You just got right to it. I've gone to master healers for years and today we got it. What can I do for you? I will do anything. I have my life back.  2) This is like light speed. My belly feels open, it is easier to breathe. I am feeling and seeing everything differently. My acupucturist sees more chi in me.  3) I am really excited about the shift that is happening. My sleep cycle has normalized. You saw it and went into the issues right away again.  4) Thank you for making this fun, what can feel so intense emotionally. I feel a lot better already."  D.
shyness, not knowing own boundaries........2) The last session was bang on. I'm feeling life and can take it on now."  D.
not feeling grounded, wants spiritual unfoldment, empowerment........"I feel full, peaceful, calm.  2) I really got a feeling of change. I went to a high place and my lower body relaxed.  3) There was a huge shift. I'm sticking with you. You're wonderful. I feel light all through my body. You know what you are doing!  4) I felt embodied incredibly deep. I felt the 3 subtle energy channels in my body for the first time. It was amazing. I feel less divided in my body.  5) My stomach is relaxed, head is lighter.  6) I felt my hernia shift! I feel more of myself in my body. I feel really grounded."  D.
unclear thinking......."My head is definitely clearer."  D.
feeling unclear........"I felt lots of clarity after our last session."  A.
emotional issues........2) "I felt great for days after. My boundaries were good and my awareness is up. Nothing could have bothered me, I felt so empowered. I feel much more relaxed.  3) You're huge. That was amazing! I never felt like this before. I feel all one, straight up and down."  J.
needs counseling........"Physically I feel much better, and I went to AA last night."  K.
feeling unbalanced in life, health........"I feel more centered and relaxed."  L.
psychic clearing........"I felt a lot move psychically."  M.
emotional clearing........"I feel delicious. Divine joy and divine love, more acceptance, peace."  S.
deep anxiety, very distraught........2) "Thank you for the last session. It was like night and day. I got my appetite back immediately and ate for the first time in 3 days."  A.
severe anxiety, depression, recent psych hospital visit........2) "I had lots of good spiritual experiences since last time. I have been feeling the heights you gave me. It feels like angels stitched me back together. I have a lot of respect for your channeling and your power."  D.
anxiety........"The anxiety is much better."  P.
anxiety, gout, high blood pressure........"I feel more in my body and relaxed. 2) You're the real deal. I haven't felt this good in a long time. You got me calm and it is lasting. I'm calm all the time now thanks to you. 3) I feel light as a feather. You really do it. I've never had anyone like you."  K.
stress, depression........"I know know what I need to change in my life now. Very clear".  L.
stress........"I immediately went home and took a very restful nap- something I have been unable to do for a few months. I have had some new clarity about several things, more ability to set limits with the people in my family and get clear about some career choices that are ending. More inner listening. I really enjoyed the session, felt very important shifts were taking place. My will is being fed by a deeper reservoir than before."  Sarah, artist
feeling out of sorts......."I feel much better."  Y.
MANY  MORE  TESTIMONIALS , especially ones of physical healing, can be found under the class descriptions and on the Physical Trauma Healing and Testimonials page.
Rev. Christine is not a licensed physician, medically trained, nor a therapist. This work is energetic and spiritual by nature, and we make no guarantees or claims. Every client is encouraged to see their licensed doctor, acupuncturist, and/or therapist for all issues.

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