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These are many kinds of events where Christine acts as a conduit for healing energies for the participants. All are directed by Oneness for that particular group.
The greater mind of everyone present and Source energies themselves always are the Source of the energies. Sometimes diverse groups of guide beings such as Angelics, Masters such as Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, Hathors, Melchizedek, Egyptian energies, etc., come in more noticeably.  They always help each participant source their own Source within them.
Where possible they contain individual attention.
Many of these initiations are available privately as well.
Some of the names of the group or individual sessions are:

Sacred Womb Illumination 
Clears and activates this amazing portal in the womb area of women and men. Pure creationary power is made manifest and embodied. Deep!
Kundalini activation
Safely activates the kundalini life force energy and clears the channels of the spine and lower centers and opens each person to her/his own awakening and power. This is accomplished through a specific experiential vocal exercise and Christine's sounding and energy work.

Opening the Lower Gates
These are specific gates within the pelvic area which help one to be open to the vastness of the power of the universe and beyond. Creationary understanding and power.

DNA activation
To activate latent potential within each person’s structure. Includes emotional, spiritual, and mental templates and codes of awakening.

The Divine Template
Includes clearing, activation, and integration. Re-instills the Divine Template of Man, which Christine received in Egypt in the Temple of Luxor. It is the ascended state of humanity.

Christing: Activation of the Inner Grail
Activates and puts into place/ right relationship of the cup/chalice and the sword within the body, balancing the male and female within. A very precise positioning and delicate procedure of the vertical sword in the spinal circuits and the inner chalice in the womb area.

Aligning Your Personal Identity with Source
Remakes your templates of reality able to align on all levels... mental, emotional, psychological, physically, so that you can embody Source more fully. Clears lots of stuff! 
and more!

Each session is different according to the needs of the group. Each participant is helped to access and change their matrix of being to support their unfolding consciousness in a very real way. Sometimes the topics for the evening will be pre-determined. Energies will come into the room, openings will be experienced into the cosmic realms, teachings will be delivered. Questions are welcome. Some past topics have included ~ Archetypes, ~ The Power To Take Flight, ~ Opening The Inner Eye, ~ Egyptian Mysteries, ~ Building The Light Body, ~ Reprogramming The Future Harmonics. VERY POWERFUL!


Experience the transformational energies in the room that come through Christine's voice, energy work, and meditations. Enjoy group immersion in high frequencies of light while receiving individual blessings.

"Christine's work is extraordinary. She's an accomplished shaman, channel, and healer, fluidly weaving many skills and heartful presence into unique stream-of-consciousness ceremony."
D.I., healer

"Just one intensive moved mountains within me." M.S., healer

"Christine is incredible. Taking her intensive initiated me into a whole new amazing level of working and being with energy."
B.T., musician and healer

"In a short 4 week class I felt a fundamental and profound shift in my sense of self."
S.L., medical doctor