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Christine Hodil is the original founder of Source Healing (1983). She is a master clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairgnostic (clear knowing) healer, sound healer, medical intuitive, counselor, initiator, channel, and spiritual and metaphysical teacher with 35 years experience. Her certifications and extensive training are in channeling, psychogenic transformation and counseling, Fusion master level, the Art of the Shekinah master level, Reiki master level, Johrei, Brazilian shamanism, Tibetan healing, bodywork, sound healing, direct spiritual initiations, meditation, African percussion and dance, and development of equilibrium while "going through the fire" (wow, was THAT something!). Being able to attune to and carry frequencies from the universal mind, she is able to channel a huge array of energies, powers, and guides. Some of the energies include 'ascended masters', other dimensional beings, the elements, spirit of places, etc. She is a direct channel of the Hathors and of Creative Origin, and an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek. An improvisational vocalist, singer, percussionist, and dancer, she creates ceremonies and performs in a wide variety of venues. See below for healing training and musical bios.
Christine's own healing journey began as she searched for a cure of a long-standing health problem for which 3 medical doctors prescribed surgery. Having tried that route before and knowing this was not the answer, she had two sessions with a psychogenic counselor, psychogenic meaning the link between body and mind. He helped her to clear old soul energy which had to do with the part of her body that was in unease and to bring in her own free-flowing awareness. Christine was thrilled by the words of one of those same doctors when she went in for a re-examination and he told her that all her tissues were healthy.
She immediately began her studies in metaphysical healing, and after the first beginning class was able to give deep and effective healings and consultations, far surpassing the parameters of the class and other trained and seasoned professionals, as her own abilities opened spontaneously. She found that she was naturally clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairgnostic (clear knowing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and clairaudient (clear hearing), and a great healing channel. In addition to all her certifications and training, she has also studied extensively with many awakened individuals of different faiths and beliefs, expanding her awareness of consciousness and how it creates our lives. Her ordination as a minister was given to her in 1999 by Rev. Delorise "Momma" Lucas, a very well-respected and decorated faith healer.
Christine continues to grow and her work expands every day as she awakens more and more to a state of union or non-duality. She dedicates her work to her many teachers and spirit allies and to that which is the Source within us all.
Christine's formal healing training: (Abbreviated. Some dates approximate.)
2012: "Integrative Quantum Medicine" certification, with Louise Mita
2007: "Ho'oponopono" training with Īhaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D
2005 and 2006: living on and communing with Big Island, Hawaii
2003-2005: living on and communing with Mt. Shasta, CA
1998-2002: received 7 levels of Fusion empowerments, and the Master Fusion Practitioner certification from v (Ventanadasana)
2001: trip to and initiations with Egypt, with Tom Kenyon
1999: ordained as an interfaith minister by renown faith healer Rev. Delorise "Momma" Lucas
1995-1998: Corelight teacher training, with Leslie Temple-Thurston
1990-1998: study with Leslie Temple-Thurston, teacher of awakening
1997: received the Reiki Master empowerment
1992-1994: Art of the Shekinah Initiations series, with Jason Leen
1986-1990: studied with, received initiations, and played drums for healing rituals with a Brazilian shaman, and worked at his Tibetan/ Brazilian healing clinic as a medium
1989: Massage Practitioner certification from Diamond Light massage school
1988: Shaktipat initiation and study with Bramananda Saraswati
1984-1986: study with metatherapist/healer Evalena Rose
1983-1989: studied with, then received sessions from psychogenic healing counselor George Conley
Musical bio:
Christine has been performing music and dance since the age of 8, in an amazing array of venues, solo and with bands and ensembles, for audience sizes of 10 to 13,000. She was given encouragement from her parents, her Mom a bass singer and director of the local chapter of Sweet Adelines, and her Dad, a lead singer in Barbershop quartets. They gave her the opportunity to study piano and dance from an early age.
Christine has been heard at healing events, "get down" dance gigs, in gospel choirs, traditional African music and dance performances; was chosen as the music portion of "The Day Of Risk" at the Headlands Center for Art, and has been hired for improvisational singing for art, writing, and dance classes.
She has opened as a solo improvisational vocalist for anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott, has assisted Dr. Todd Ovokaitys with vocal pineal DNA activations, has sung for Barbara Marx Hubbard's Gateway seminar, and has been interviewed for various radio shows over the years.
She started teaching and performing African style/ Energy Awareness dance classes, percussion, singing, and healing in 1986.
Some of the groups she has been a member of include:
To present: Danced with or for West African Highlife Band, Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca, Kai Ekhardt's Zeitgeist, Garaj Mahal, and Marcus James and the Wassonrai.
2006: "Nubii". African, soul. Voice.
           "Shawkie Roth Jazz Band"
            Meditative improv group with Michael Hammer, voice and percussion.
2005: "Synesthesia" . Meditative. Voice and percussion.
2004: "Greg Jones Band" - funk, jazz, R & B, roots. Percussion.
          "Scott Durbin Jazz Party Project" - jazz, R & B. Percussion.
          "North of Forty" - bluegrass. Percussion.
1999-2000: Improvisation group with Pat Fitzgerald, Scott Railsback, Mariah Parker, Phillip Swartz and others. Improvisational original world. Voice.
1993-1999: "Dance Alive!". Improvisational world music. With Brian Hand, Michael Stocker, and Bernie Lenhoff. (In 1995, this group also house band for 'SpiritHouse'.) Voice and percussion.
1996-1997: "Tsook-zook-Tsook" trio. Original world. With Michael Stocker and Gordon Rehm. Voice and percussion.
1983-1993: "Alokli", "Yevu". Traditional music and dance from Ghana. Ensemble led by Dan Gorlin. Percussion, voice, dance.
1988: "Tutare". Meditative. With Chet Washington, Shafia, Art Wohl. Voice.
1987: in-studio vocalist for Global Pacific records
"I have had the honor of performing and/or being band mates with members of "Earth, Wind, and Fire", many of "Olatunji's Drums of Passion", Frank Zappa, 'new age' pioneers Michael Hammer and Shawkie Roth, Baba Ken Okulolo, other notables, and everyone who has come into my musical sphere. My life has been enriched by the following teachers of dance and/or percussion: Kim Atkinson, Titos Sompa, Dan Gorlin, Regine Boukaka, Gael Thompson, Adela Chu, Kim Hahn, Joni Haastrup, and many others.
And of course I am so grateful for the Bay Area with its incredible richness of musical layers and master musicians, and its wonderful African music scene; for the Mt. Shasta and Hawaii communities for bringing me so immediately into their musical bands and hearts; for all those who have come out to hear me, those who have studied with me, and those that have encouraged and supported my growth and self-expression throughout this long amazing journey. Music and movement have given me such joy, saved my sanity, and taught me who I am as an embodied ecstatic being of power, grace, and spirit, an active expression of the oneness of creation."