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YOU CAN HEAL from Lyme disease and other tick borne co-infections!
Do you have health symptoms that no one yet has been able to diagnose?
Have you been diagnosed with Lyme (the spirochete borrelia) or other tick borne parasites?
Have you been doing everything you can to heal from it and still not feeling like you are becoming well?
Healing from Lyme disease can be very difficult. THE GOOD NEWS is that using skilled energetic healing in combination with medical treatment protocols can vastly shorten healing time and cessation of symptoms. Sometimes it has been the ONLY way to become well. Top Lyme disease allopathic medical doctors and other specialists around the country have collaborated with me in regards to their referred patients or have given them the 'thumbs up' to work with me.

"Christine, my tests came back negative for Lyme disease! After 6 years of spending a fortune on medical treatments and feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere, I am now enjoying my energy level back at around 85%, and am able to run marathons again. It was because of your work with me, and I told (the referring doctor) that it was. Thank you so much!" (this was after 12 sessions, only 3 months)
"After dealing with bum knees for almost 3 months, my first session with Christine this morning gave me wonderful relief!"  I immediately sensed that the severe swelling was from a parasitic infection, which was later confirmed though a medical test as Bartonella.
"The difficulty in breathing, the air hunger symptom, is totally gone after 1 session, and it has not returned!" Air hunger is a symptom of Lyme and tick born parasites. It can be very debilitating.
Long distance work: The mother of a 20 year old Lyme infected girl, in a coma with diagnosed brain damage, reports these changes after our work: "She is sleeping quite well now, and has about half the number of seizures and they are not so strong nor as frequent. Her eyes are now wide open and she seems to be really looking at things and is moving her head differently. She is definitely more alert, more there, more relaxed, “in”. Her breathing has improved since you worked with her diaphragm."
As a medical intuitive, healer, and counselor, I have successfully worked with people grappling with Lyme disease with such devastating symptoms such as:
     ~ crippling joint pain and swelling
     ~ severe fatigue
     ~ severe brain pain
     ~ brain fog
     ~ shaking and tremors of the body as in Parkinson's
     ~ severe depression
     ~ coma
     ~ deterioration of the liver and other organs
     ~ suppression of the immune system
     ~ severe hormonal disturbances
     ~ psychological upsets and personality changes due to the parasites and their affect on the body 
How does working with me as a medical intuitive and energetic healer help you heal faster, and in some cases, the only way you can heal?
We help many levels of a person come back into balance, and clients have often reported a lessening or cessation of symptoms. In addition I am also skilled at getting to core issues that had helped them contract the Lyme, or are keeping it in place. We have seen that unless they are cleared, the medical protocol will not work. I am able to address these issues, usually very quickly. I have the ability to intuitively see into the body and what is there, talk with it, help it regulate its immune system, open the flows to healing, and come back into balance once again. Then any necessary medicines are absorbed and are able to do their job without impedance. There is much more to say about this, and I am happy to talk with you further in a free 10-15 consult if you wish. Just call me at 1-800-325-0264.
Lyme disease and other tick borne parasitic infections are an epidemic. Wide spread and still largely ignored by most western medicine professionals, it is rampant among all ages, and through the whole USA. It can cause all sorts of neurological unease in the body that can be diagnosed as many other diseases, and therefore remains undetected. The parasites also create psychological disturbances which can make people miserable and feel they are not themselves at all. It can destroy people's ability to live their life of mobility, joy, and health, and interfere with every aspect of their life.
Here in the San Francisco area we are very fortunate to have medical professionals who understand the ramifications of this epidemic, and are available for consult. MDs, osteopaths, and Eastern medicine practitioners such as herbalists and acupuncturists are also very helpful to diagnose what is actually transpiring in people who show the wide reaching symptom of Lyme disease.  Knowledgeable ones know which tests will give a good diagnosis, what kinds of allopathic medicines to use such as antibiotics, and the methods of employing them (such as in IV drips or oral), herbal products, cleansing of the body's elimination organs and channels, and what lifestyle changes might be necessary for recovery.
Unfortunately the treatment protocols of killing off the parasites can feel horrible to endure. Some people say they feel like they are dying, not the pathogens. And treatment can go on for many years, a complicated puzzle of getting the live parasites and their eggs, which can hide inside cells and encapsulate inside a seemingly impenetrable barrier. People have reported that with my kind of intuitive medicine the die-off can be quite lessened.
Other helpful therapies, books, and DVD:
I know people who have found the addition of bio-photon machines and hyperbaric oxygen chambers helpful for their treatments.
"The Beginner's Guide to Lyme Disease"  by Nicola McFadzean N.D., Joseph Bruuascano Jr. M.D. 
"Why Can't I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease"  by Richard Horowitz M.D.
"Nature's Dirty Needle" by Mara Williams
"Under Our Skin" DVD 
Christine Hodil's Source Healing work is energetic by nature, and she makes no claims whatsoever. Each person is a complex system, and we can never promise any kind of healing since it is always truly the patient who is healing themselves with our help. We always encourage everyone to go to their medical providers, and we greatly enjoy working in collaboration with them. Each person has the inate power to heal themselves; we are a guide in helping them open to this possibility.