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            Source Healing and Awakening Mentorship Programs
~ for becoming your true wealth of being
    We are now offering Mentorship Programs for a small number of individuals who:
        ~ are dedicated to their spiritual awakening
        ~ want to powerfully progress in their evolution and to come into their true purpose in life
        ~ have some skills and understanding of their own personal energy structures
        ~ have a high level of personal integrity
        ~ are humble and curious
        ~ are open to knowing themselves as the creator of their life
        ~ are willing to devote time and energy to homework
        ~ are relatively sane and stable within themselves as a person
        ~ want to create a new perspective of themselves and life
        ~ want to drop tons of old stuff, without needing to know stories about it
 Other people have experienced:
    greater self awareness
    tremendous upgrades to their physical, cognitive, and energetic systems
    enhanced creativity
    enhanced intuition
    enhanced harmonious relations with all of life
    major clearings of old stuck stuff
    advanced skills of healing

Contact Christine to apply, and to learn more about your individualized program: