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            Source Healing and Awakening Mentorship Programs
~ for becoming your true wealth of being
 We are now offering 3 month to year long Mentorship Programs for a small number of individuals who:
        ~ are dedicated to their spiritual awakening
        ~ want to powerfully progress in their evolution and to come into their true purpose in life
        ~ have a high level of personal integrity and stability within themselves as a person
        ~ are humble and curious
        ~ are open to knowing themselves as the creator of their life
        ~ are willing to devote time and energy to homework
        ~ want to create a new perspective of themselves and life
        ~ want to drop tons of old stuff without needing to know stories about it
Each mentorship program is custom designed for that individual person to gain their next level of awakened embodiment into the best that they can be- their soul's true empowered calling and destiny.
The overall focus of each individualized program can be in any kind of area(s) the mentoree wants, such as any one or a combination of:
    ~ physical healing
    ~ emotional healing
    ~ self mastery
    ~ spiritual embodied awakening
    ~ specific issues such as financial, work, relationship, spiritual, releasing stress, etc.!
    ~ intuition
    ~ creativity enhancement
    ~ knowing and /or developing one's supreme or work purpose/dharma in life
    ~ living from the heart and soul rather than the thinking mind
    ~ healing techniques
    ~ strengthening any area of your life
    ~ learning to let go, to surrender to your greater beingness
    ~ stress release
There are 3 levels of mentorship programs available from which to choose.
Each consists of a certain number of weekly sessions of certain lengths alternating between individual in person sessions (or phone if necessary) - and email sessions where I respond to your submitted homework.
If interested, please let me know and I will send you fuller information about what that can look like for you.
Other people have experienced:
    tremendous upgrades to their physical, cognitive, and energetic systems
    greater self awareness
    enhanced creativity
    enhanced intuition
    enhanced harmonious relations with all of life
    major clearings of old stuck stuff
    advanced skills of healing
Here is one person's writings about his mentorship program:
"There was so much movement of energy....
-Skills Gained:
   *Presence within core, grounding to and from that place of core being, ultimately to Source, with which I am now familiar.
   *Ability to tap into my intuitive abilities any time/place, no matter how I am feeling
   *Enhanced ability to sense other-dimensional beings, energies, etc.
   *Far greater understanding of the true nature of our reality, which grants expansive awareness of why things are the way they are, and what my place is within it all.
   *Basic sound healing skills acquired, understanding of sound vibrations as fundamental to all of creation.
   *Basic level of connection with guide beings, and utilizing their assistance in a great many tasks
   *Greater attunement to natural forces, including basic communications with plants, animals, Nature spirits, etc.
   *Ability to tap into joy and love no matter what the circumstance
   *Operating from a base far more clear and still and benevolent than ever
-Negative Tendencies Diminished:
   *Depression and anxiety mostly vanquished, able to rebound from negative events quickly.
   *Rebelliousness diminished considerably
   *Pain, or at least perception of pain, far less antagonizing
   *Self-consciousness largely obliterated.
   *Less likely to dwell in uncomfortable emotions and thoughts.
   *Mind: continuing the never ending quest of dis-identifying myself from mind.
   *Body: treating body as more of the beast that it is, a pet to be loved and not berated when it is not behaving ideally.
   *Life: clearer than ever that all of life is perfect as is in its infinite manifestations.
   *Relationships: I've made a shit-ton of progress of repairing a lot of the relationships in my life over the past year.
   *Self: I've learned to embrace myself big time, though still not always thrilled to be a 3D meatbag. Knowing what I really am and where I come from helps a lot. 
   *Healings: another never-ending lesson about learning how to surrender, to come from stillness and silence, that I am capable of dropping into healer-mode whenever necessary.
   *The loving of Self has dramatically increased over the course of the mentorship. The final few sessions in particular really enlightened me as to what I ultimately am, Source, Starseed, and so on, causing great shifts in the self-love and the reflections outwards. I truly love the greater Me, the All That Is, and perhaps a few tiers down from there into the likes Higher Self and Ascended Beings. I've grown to accept the lower parts of me."

Contact Christine to apply, and to learn more about your individualized program: