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 "The initiation moved mountains within me."  M.S., astrologer

"It was a deep transformation to the very core of my being."  J.A., healer

 Information on these Initiatory recordings is below this table:

NOTE: Prices will be going up in 2017.

 Sacred Womb Initiation ~  mp3  $70

 Aligning Personal Identity with Source ~ mp3  $70

 Inner Grail: Cup and Sword ~   mp3  $70

 Restructuring and Harmonizing Your Gridsmp3 $70

 Reality Grids Restructuring ~  mp3 $70

 This mp3 and the previous one, Restructuring and Harmonizing Your Grids are similar in that they work with the causal structures of your energetics. They each give different facets of transformation of your grids of consciousness.

 All 5 Evolutionary Initiations ~   5 mp3s   $300

 Sacred Womb Illumination

The womb in women and the lower hara in men are the seats of our beings in our bodies. Our creationary capabilities are birthed here with the literal power of life, in conjunction with the heart and other faculties. It is very important to have this area very clear and empowered so we can truly create our hearts' desires! This event will assist all gathered to clear out old cords, imprints and energetics so the power can be restored and the frequencies heightened. This will be a rebirth!


Inner Grail Initiation

Activates and puts into place/ right relationship of the cup/ chalice and the vertical sword within the body, balancing the male and female within. A very precise positioning and delicate procedure of the vertical sword in the spinal circuits and the inner chalice within the womb area.


Reality Grids Restructuring

There are grids, structures, that uphold how we create our reality. Up to now humanity has had to create most of their lives from these very limited dualistic templates. In this event we will gently and powerfully release many of these, and new support from structures birthed from Oneness will be renewed or created. This, like all of these events, will be very nourishing, supportive, and in the perfect amount for each gathered.


Aligning Your Personal Identity with Source flyer below:



Click this for Embodied Mastery Program: Evolutionary Initiations. (Started in October,2012)

For more information on the Divine Template Initiation, click this link: (no recordings of this initiation were to be made)

Divine Template Initiation