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The Cosmic Mother: Transmissions of Oneness
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The Cosmic Mother
"She called me from across continents...The silent voice within vibrating...Love out pouring from my heart ...and I knew it was Her."
Healer and Artist, Minouche Graglia will unveil her newest encoded transformational painting "The Cosmic Mother" whose transmission of Oneness will deeply open your heart. She will share with us her journey from Fairfax to Budapest as she heard The Call, and will guide us through meditation to realizing the center of our One Heart.
Master Sound Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Spiritual Initiator Christine Hodil will sing evolutionary Source Codes of Creation which will be spontaneously inspired through the painting for your profound spiritual awakening, transformation, and evolution.
Please join us in the this very special collaborative ceremony which will create a profound field of evolution for you and your path. Receive the great benefits of deeply opening your personal heart, awakening into the Oneness/ One Heart, and knowing yourself to be this vast potential of pure consciousness as the basis of your life. YOU are this Oneness! YOU are this Love! You are vast; you are important; you are needed. Now!
Sunday   January 28    6-8pm
Fairfax Community Church,    2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
please arrive on time for this ceremony
$27 in advance thru Eventbrite
$33 at the door
"Minouche carries a spirit of love and healing with her, and transmits it to those who see her visionary paintings. Interaction with her work opens your heart, and connects you with the essence of life itself--healing, soothing, and encouraging us to be more fully alive".​ Ken Ludden, Director Margot Fonteyn Academy
"I weep openly for its beauty and I feel the vibration of the Sacred Energies pouring out of your art, Minouche." Ashara​
"Christine's work is radical, profound, deep, and can do several years healing in one session." Dr. Jacqueline Chan
"Christine creates an immersion into pure spiritual bliss. Her work goes far beyond anything I have ever experienced. She's such a true healing treasure to have in this world." William, pilot
Christine Hodil: has almost 35 years experience creating rapid and profound healing and evolutionary spiritual awakening.