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"Journey Into Egypt, Part 1"

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"Journey Into Egypt, Part 1",
published Feb. 01 in "Woman Spirit Rising"

I recently journeyed to Egypt with a large group to connect more strongly with the ancient enlightened energies that are still held in the temples there. Even the Nile itself is imbued with alive transmissions. I believe the information the energies carry has been part of our DNA potential for eons, and as such has been waiting for us to reawaken to it. It is already a part of us, inside of us. It is a major part of our spiritual heritage. I hope that in sharing some of my experiences with you, some of your own knowingness of this all will emerge. The trip for me was quite transformational, to say the least. I was aware of being prepared for the trip for months before hand. I would spontaneously find myself receiving the consciousness of the sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid, my brain was being recalibrated and expanded, Egyptian deities would come to assist with healing sessions, etc. I knew I still had to go there physically, though, to receive something even more extraordinary. I was not disappointed.

I was very challenged physically. This perhaps even helped the transformation that occurred there. I was still healing my broken ankle and was on crutches. I had very little sleep the whole time and old emotional wounding had come to the foreground quickly. This was part of what had to move out of my system to make room for the new frequencies. I felt broken and softened, and my defenses were down. Therefore there was little resistance to what was to happen.

What I was often happily aware of was the feeling of love emanating around and in many of the temples. There was a mixture of all sorts of energies, though, and I was very grateful for the Hathors and other guides who were with us to help keep us safe. As we sailed to the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae, I was in tears feeling the sweetness of that strong, loving Presence. This temple was actually disassembled from another location and reconstructed on this island to keep it above Nile water level after the Aswan dam was built, and yet the energies are still magnificently alive. The beauty of the energies of the other temples were also felt uniquely by each of us. We felt the fierce power of Sehkmet and the love, joy, and healing of Hathor. There were also Osiris, Aten, Khnum, Anubis, Ra, Maat, Ptah, etc. I had a wonderful meeting with Horus at Edfu who told me that all I had to do to speak with him was to open my heart to his energies, since he was already there.

So many initiations occurred. This month I will tell you of one.
At Komombu I asked for the completion of my past initiation there. Initiates used to spend 12 years there moving through tests of every fear imaginable for the end result of gaining their inner freedom. I invoked Sobek, the crocodile god, and stood atop the passageways where aspirants used to plunge into crocodile infested waters unbeknownst to them until they were irrevocably in the water) to intuit a safe exit from the underwater labyrinth. (Some people say the crocodiles were fed, and therefore not a true threat. But one of the 2 childhood dreams that I remember is having had a crocodile chomp off my right leg, and I assumed I had a not very pleasant experience with them somewhere along the line.) I felt thick energy come up my legs as I left hurriedly with my group to go to our ship for a scheduled departure time. But I received the initiation right there by somehow being separated from the group, on one crutch (I had lent one to another person with us), with no money, no passport and no emergency phone number to call. As I ran (ouch!) from one boat to another trying more and more desperately to find ours, the "Liberty" (chuckle, chuckle), terror started to come up as I realized the possible depth of my predicament. There I was frantically running back and forth in a labyrinth with an injured right leg, with a time limit before the ship would sail (which had passed), and danger all around in the form of the cold weather, unscrupulous men, and a suspicious government. The situation was so similar to the past life memory of swimming back and forth, with danger all around, in terror of losing my breath, life, or of failing the initiation. I finally got the right directions after many minutes of running, and covered in sweat, arrived at my ship which had waited for me. My ankle was quite painful. I received a hug, some Reiki, kind words, and I placed some acupuncture needles in my body to help my ankle recover. Within 10 minutes I felt perfectly calm and peaceful as if the terror had never existed! Our group leader, Tom Kenyon, came up to me and said "I hear you had the Komombu initiation"." Oh, yes," I replied, laughing heartily. He directed some chi into my ankle, and the next day I was walking with no crutches at all, better than ever. I guess I was successful in clearing yet one more layer of mortal fear from my reality.

Next month I will tell of some of my blissful initiation in the Temple of Luxor which holds the Divine Template of Man.

Rev. Christine Hodil is an ordained minister, clairvoyant vibrational healer, channel, improvisational vocalist, mystical educator, and ritualist. She offers classes in Voice Beyond Performance, Source Connections, and Healing Facilitator Training. She also does in person and phone individual sessions and offers Fusion empowerments. 1-800-325-0264