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"Journey Into Egypt, Part 2"

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"Journey Into Egypt, part 2: Temple of Luxor"
published March 01, "Women Spirit Rising"

We are all being given the opportunity to receive vast amounts of information energetically through sound, light, and consciousness. This type of learning can be received effortlessly because it bypasses the conscious mind's usual attempts at analysis which includes rejection of that which doesn't conform to one's belief systems and ways of doing things. If we are open enough, we can receive these heightened frequencies every day and through specific attunements, initiations, and empowerments. By this introduction to these energies, we are henceforth able to draw on them anytime and to know and embody them consistently even if they are not consciously seen or known. We then integrate these into our systems until our state of being is permanently altered. Fusion empowerments, for example, literally bring in the information of Source energies directly into the body. The recipient simply allows the power of that to come in and "cook" for at least 78 days thereafter for integration. Insights and awareness grows and consciousness expands.

Another way to access these kinds of teachings is to go to a power spot which will directly work on one's system. I was able to recently journey to Egypt where I was shifted significantly. Going to Egypt was not something I had ever been aware of wanting to do. Yet when the guidance came in so strongly that my whole body and mind heard the call, I did what it suggested. As soon as the commitment was made the energies from there and my guides started working with me intensely. I knew something special would happen.

One important site there for me was the Temple of Luxor. It is said to hold the Divine Template of Man, the Adam Kadmon, the original blueprint of the enlightened human. Our race embodied this before our 10 out of 12 strands of DNA were clipped. (That's another story...) Third dimensional life is made possible here on this planet by metaphysical structures- grids, sheaths, and templates. They hold the possibilities of conscious embodiment and are the interface of spirit and matter. Low vibration templates mean the possibility of only low vibration consciousness being embodied. The templates in the Temple of Luxor hold the keys to what I perceive as the Christ Consciousness, that which holds non-dual states of existence, Unity consciousness. In our evolution we are transmuting back to these.

Our group approached this temple at night. It was wonderfully glowing orange and golden yellow, alit by modern lights. There were far fewer tourists than in the day, so there was more a sense of spaciousness. I walked forward toward the entrance, marveling at its beauty. About 15 feet away from it I experienced a spontaneous and quite large shifting of energy off my lower back. I realized old templates of being simply had fallen away. I was very excited and said to our group leader who was right in front of me "Did you feel that? Did you feel that?" I felt like a child who had just received that long-awaited gift for Christmas. I walked in through the portal (literal and figurative) and came into a large courtyard. I had heard that this temple is laid out in a structural representation of the human body, with the entry at the feet and the "holy of holies" at the head. My being went into such ecstatic joy just in the first large room. I was laughing and felt tremendously full of light.

I just "happened" to meet up with 2 friends there, a couple I had come to know and love on the trip. As we stood with each other I saw a beautiful golden light being standing with us, and vrooom! started pouring into our bodies. The three of us were being grounded-- my female friend "M" in a shallower grid close to the surface of the Earth, whereas my male friend "B" and I felt beautiful thick rich energy pour through our legs and way deep into the planet. "What's going on?" I asked inwardly. "You are being prepared," I heard. "M" wanted to be alone as she was in the middle of processing some intense inner stuff. "B" and I looked at each other, knowing we were off to some grand adventure. We started walking forward together, he on my left. We knew very high magic was underway... My crown opened tremendously and light was pouring in so high above my head that I felt at least 12 feet tall.

We walked forward very slowly, about 3 steps at a time before we would have to stop, as huge stuff we no longer needed simply fell away, bit by bit, from different parts of our bodies, and we needed to be ready for the next energies. We stayed very focused. I heard that we were experiencing the Divine Marriage, the inner marriage beyond duality; matter and spirit, and male and female, infused with each other. And there we were, male and female walking together yet self-contained.I was ecstatic as the old paradigm patterns continued to fall off as the light intensified within. The Divine Template of Man held at Luxor was working us, helping us integrate a new level of living. I was also told that we were meeting the Immortals there.

"B" and I laughed about how handy it was that was on the crutches I was using for my healing broken ankle, since we had to go so slowly. It gave us an excuse to not draw too much attention to our slow pace. By this time I was so melted, I could barely hold myself up, much less walk, and they gave me great relief. Once, though, a concerned woman came up to me and asked "Are you all right?" "Yes, absolutely," I replied." (Major understatement," I said to myself.) I felt totally protected and loved. The aura of containment around "B" and I was palpable, and our focus and intention with what was happening made it seem as if we were in another realm from everyone else in the temple. Energy continued to pour into my crown and down my body. Ooooohhhh it felt good! "Keep going," I thought to the enlightened energies. "Take all the stuff I can muster up the courage to let go! Take it all!" "B" and I didn't talk much at all, just once in awhile to say "I need to stop" or "Something's coming off my solar plexus now." I was so happy, but it was a grounded ecstasy, not a spinning-out kind of happiness. I felt at times in the state of no-mind, simply awareness giggling in the joy of the amazing rushing movement of energy. Wow, was this place ALIVE! I checked inwardly once how we were doing in terms of the time allotment for our group to be at this site. It felt fine, so we continued on in this amazingly slow motion pace. At one point I was asked if I was willing to embody the Divine Covenant. I asked what would this mean in my life? Could I live as a human in health and wealth and love and joy and companionship? I waited. Some understanding happened at a not-conscious level. I said yes. (Smart choice, I think, as I look back on it!) I realized that this experience, without a doubt, was what I had come to Egypt for.

The energies of this experience are still with me and the people with whom I work. I am much lighter, clearer, and even more of my Essence lives in my body. I feel more self-fulfilled, self-established. After I came home and continued to tune into the energy there, I remembered the old Woody Allen movie "Sleeper." In it there is a machine called the Orgasmatron which people could step into and would be given orgasms. The Temple of Luxor and the Great Pyramid are 2 such "machines" to me, in that each is a special structure geared to hold very special mechanics, where people who enter will be "tooled", so to speak. There was no effort whatsoever involved in the transformation, just a willingness to be opened and transformed. Awesome. I feel so blessed.

Rev. Christine Hodil is a San Francisco-based vibrational healer with a specialty in sound, ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek, spiritual counselor, improvisational vocalist, Fusion practitioner, and mystical educator with 18 years experience. Christine will be available for in-person sessions in Minneapolis August 24-26, and phone sessions on-going from California by appointment. She is also offering a Source Connections afternoon Intensive Sat. August 25. For more information, to register, and to schedule appointments, call Christine at i-800-325-0264

Next month: Journey into Egypt, part 3.

Christine will be presenting 2 free experiential lectures on 'THE CHRIST, THE EARTH, and YOU'. Find out more about opening to your own Christed energies and attune to the Christ and Oroboric grids of the planet. Fulfill deep desires for love, peace, and interconnectedness. March 28, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. at Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa, Ca.; April 4, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. at San Geronimo Valley Cultural Center in Marin County, Ca.

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the profound Silence and have deep shamanic experiences. The Hathors, the Elohim, angels of the Divine Covenant, ancient deities from Egypt, the Holy Spirit, Hilarion, etc., etc., will assist. These groups are extremely powerful and transformational! $220 for the weekend; $125 per day.

Rev. Christine Hodil is a vibrational healer with a specialty in sound, ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek; spiritual counselor, improvisational vocalist, and mystical educator with 17 years experience. Christine is available for in-person and phone sessions, and Fusion empowerments. 1-800-325-0264