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"What Is Initiation?"

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"What Is Initiation?",
exerpt from the recent Source Connections intensive, "Sound as a Healing Tool" on Easter ‘02, published May ’02 “Woman Spirit Rising”

Initiation is rarely the start of something new, in one way, because it is ours to remember, because we came from All That Is, therefore we are That. So an initiation on the deepest level is simply remembering. Yet the soul itself can experience different facets of God-ness. There are certain initiations that, when looked at with a stepped-down view, one earns or is graced by such as an awareness of a certain relationship. An example is if we pray 100,000 mantras to Tara and envision that, we call that energy up forward in us and it becomes more and more a part of the foreground of our experience and our awareness.

Great energy can come at any moment and be received. But what did that person need to be opened to for that perception and openness? With the Hathors, there are initiations when we prepare our bodies, minds, and our metaphysical and electrical fields to handle more energy than we have yet. Then specifically karmas can occur where there is an actual link-up to power which can be an amount of energy that can be used in the world. You can see the responsibility inherent in this. Other initiations can simply be into the consciousness level where there is not necessarily the deep reservoir of substance to be used. So we’ll see what will happen now in this. It is well underway. It is up to each person’s willingness to be healed, changed, and to take responsibility for their own karma and face themselves on all levels.

"Has it descended yet?"

We have everything. We have everything internally and it's not even that it descends if we allow the unfoldment from within us. This is evoked usually with the help of a so-called external catalyst. It can feel like a dissension of energy, love, and grace, usually coming down into the body through the upper chakras. Because we are in limited consciousness most of the time and most of our lives, less so now that we are waking up, the body itself is not always willing or able because of the personality or it just cannot literally handle the force or the power that some initiations hold, even the initiations of consciousness that we can receive. If our ego or personality is not ready to receive them, then it would create havoc. Yeah. It would be just too much. It would be like being put in a high-speed blender when you don't know how to swim yet.

There are beings who can give initiations and if it's an empowerment, an opening in your awareness, then those beings at times will literally sit and watch and guide you to make sure that you can handle and work well with the extra energy and awareness, because awareness in itself is power. Because you will get pushed sometimes, it will feel like you are pushed to the limits of your ability and endurance. In other words, to receive an initiation into the Divine Template of Man, I had to be willing on the personality level to receive what that would mean in my life. Not only that, my mind had to be open to a fine enough vibration to literally go that next step or I couldn’t have received it. My metaphysical, physical, and egoic structures had to be ready to change dramatically from that experience. Also, if an initiation brings forward truths, one must be willing to receive and live them and face ones remaining shadow if that comes to light. It's like opening the river. Say there are many obstacles in the river. We open the river so there’s a flow-through because initiation is an opening into the Vastness beyond the veils. If you start resisting the flow because there are too many obstacles for that amount of force or power, then we could be in trouble. That’s where beings such as the Hathors, thank God, thank God, and the angels, are here with us, and many other guides who watch us.

I went to Egypt. I went into the ceremonies where I was opened, I was initiated, I said yes, and those beings are with me. They do not leave me because they know I need guidance because it’s new to me in this life. I come up against things and go "Oh my God, I thought this was how I was", or "how do I act in this situation?" or all this emotional stuff is coming up to be released, or "How does this awareness fit into my life?" They are there teaching me, guiding me, encouraging me.

"How will this affect me?"

So it’s a process. There’s an opening and that opening could have taken 10 lifetimes and in one moment, the final thing was "Ah!"; the locks of the dam were opened and the water or the stream of consciousness starts rushing through. There will be actual energies that will be started with you to help you carry forth in your life with your awareness more open. There’s some work you could do with the opening of your third eye so you can see more. That’s a process you don’t want to go into with a laser. That would be inappropriate. It’s the start of something, a new relationship with yourself.

"Are we in the river yet?"

How about it, are you ready to BE the river? How about that one?

Rev. Christine Hodil is a vibrational healer with a specialty in sound, ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek, spiritual counselor, improvisational vocalist, ritualist, and mystical educator with 18 years experience. She offers individual sessions in person and by phone, classes, intensives, and Fusion empowerments. Post Office Box 172, Forest Knolls, California 94933, 1-800-325-0264

May 12: Change and the Beginning of Man; Archetypes

May 26: Love and the Molecules of Redemption

This series will be deeply healing, transformational, initiatory, and educational. It will help you to access and change your very matrix of being to support your unfolding consciousness in a very real way. Many Master guides will be available to us during these sessions, such as Gabriel, Metatron, Ezekiel, Hilarion, Yeshua, Mary, the Holy Spirit, Christ frequencies, Hathors, Egyptian energies, Angelics, Fusion energies, etc., etc. Be prepared for a deep inner journey into the links of creation between Source and physical manifestation.

Sundays from 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Series price: $220 Individual class: $65
Location to be announced

"In a short 4 week evening Source Connections class, I felt a fundamental and profound shift in my sense of self." S.L., medical doctor

"Christine is incredible. Taking her intensive initiated me into a whole new amazing level of working and being with energy." B.T., musician

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