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"Timing and Kundalini"

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"Timing and Kundalini"
From the Team and Rev. Christine Hodil, published Sept.’02, “Woman Spirit Rising”

How can a seeker know when the time is right to receive kundalini or other major empowerments? One way is to check and see if there is any fear. Fear is that energy that gives rise to all sorts of resistance to thought forms or impulses becoming manifested in what appears to be reality. Now in some instances these fears are grounded in instinctual knowingness; other times they are due to intellectual inference that doing ‘X’ will beget ‘B’ and ‘B’ is seen as undesirable. This undesirability can be in 2 different categories: the ego’s plan to deny conception of the greater self manifesting, or the soul or spirit consciousness’ knowingness that plan ’X’ does not serve the most appropriate path to awakening.

There are those of us who are acutely aware of our soul’s voices saying yes or no about certain decisions or actions, and also aware of our ego’s fears of giving up dominion. Knowing these so well, we might at times tend to override our fears about certain actions on the spiritual path, knowing that at some point it is appropriate to follow trainings, disciplines, or empowerments. Having been aware of ‘past life’ forays into realms that have affected us negatively, knowing that at that time it was not good for us, we wonder if at this point we are ready. Now this is the key to so much trouble that that has been created by spiritual seekers for themselves all over the world.

We want to address specifically that aspect of doing one’s best to serve the soul/spirit and awakening that is assisted sometimes haphazardly by kundalini empowerments through a guru or teacher. When one gives up the gateway to their Source through the kundalini channels to another, that being has a say in determining the amount of shakti that is opened and received by the student. Just because a teacher is awake and powerful does not mean that they know the student’s full story. They will often simply give all they have to give, assuming it will benefit the seeker. The teacher might also have an underlying issue with egoic gratification with how much power they have. The seeker assumes the teacher knows what he or she is doing and will ‘go for the gold’, as far as he or she can go and open and receive as much as possible. In all good intentions both are going forward to seek what appears to be the reward of knowingness of divinity, power, clarity, and the expansion that happens in the consciousness that can be reached as the shakti or power of kundalini surges upward. Now one important thing to realize here is TIMING. Without proper preparation of the channels, the mind, and the physical body, the system can collapse if too much is introduced at one time. All sorts of maladies can occur including nervous system burns, hypersensitivity, dizziness, nausea, great emotional distress and hysteria, insanity, depression, delusions of grandeur, sense of disassociation from reality in the third dimension (inability to cope) etc. Whew.

Some people are benefited greatly by empowerments by gurus or by simply doing kundalini yoga practices by themselves. This does not necessarily mean that this path is appropriate for you at this time or ever.

We will leave you all with a simple note: Be careful and caring and loving to yourselves, know that you are worthy of being alive, being loved, being cared for without having to make great efforts and strivings towards anything, even that great knowingness within the self. Settle in, rest in yourself, knowing all will transpire. Sure, go for healing treatments and teachings, but always know that the wisdom of every teacher is already within you. Be sure before consciously choosing to undertake any great test or empowerment that the timing is right, that you are truly ready. Slow and steady, without attachment to the great heights or the depths, wins the race, so to speak. Trust in yourself and in your own great timing of unfoldment. We are with you every step of the way. We love you as we know you are.


Rev. Christine Hodil is a vibrational healer with a specialty in sound, ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek, spiritual counselor, improvisational vocalist, ritualist, and mystical educator with 18 years experience. She offers individual sessions in person and by phone, classes, intensives, and Fusion empowerments. Post Office Box 172, Forest Knolls, California 94933, 1-800-325-0264