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"Change and the Beginning of Man"

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"Change and the Beginning of Man ; Archetypes"
channeled by Raphael, etc. through Rev Christine Hodil
Excerpted from Source Connections Intensive May 10, 2002

We’re going back into time and we sense the orb of energy by coming forward as Creator so we can have the intention of reading this information. We ask permission to see that previous intention clearly, the intention to create matter that was held together through the union of electronics and magnetism, that which gives forth and propels in a way, that which receives or repels.

This is the start of duality: the desire for or the pushing away, the aversion. In the very matrix in the way in which the world is created is the duality. And from this viewpoint right here it looks to be the feminine that holds the power. This is where the misconception started, the linking of creation to a God or Creator Idea which already had a dichotomy in mind. So there always needed to be a balance between the magnetic and the electronic or chaos would ensue. Matter would collapse into itself or simply possibly drift away.

Into this matrix the human form was born; the human form at first being just one gender, one awareness, one way of walking on this planet, the male aspect balanced with the female aspect within the self, within the universe, within the soul energy that was generated and kept in creation by the light of the sun and the dark of the Earth, the dark of the cohesion of matter. This is what conception is. So this is a wholeness. Together there is simply one pulsation, one mind, one awareness, one exploration in all of its manifestations of that experience.

Then something shifted. Imagine a ball in your hands, the left hand being on top, the right underneath. Imagine the hands then moving the ball counter-clockwise so that the right hand is across from the left hand with the ball still in-between. So there’s been a 90 degree shift in the energies. This has created a different plane of existence and the rules had to change in terms of the manifestation principles. What this did was create a crack, a splitting, a separation in the consciousness and all of a sudden there were 2. All of a sudden there were two.

Why did this occur, you ask? Good question. This was the natural thing to happen in the dual concept to begin with. It was not pre-thought out. Yet because the original impulse had to do with magnetic/ electric, that in itself a duality, there was the exploration into unity in duality. Then came the duality in the duality. Then came the duality in the duality in the human form. The human form, the lifestream there, the consciousness of the God Creator, chose to experience duality in duality. So where there was 1 in 2, now there was 2 in 2.

"Hm. How does this balance now?" Creator asked. "Hm." Well it started out a new idea and there was an interesting feel to it. It felt like 2 heads and torsos and 1 body at first in the human experience. There was still the same ground of being and the same archetypes in that which was able to be manifested in the consciousness level known as human lifestream in duality.

For a while that ground was maintained. Then what started to happen was a slight wobble and if we go back to the analogy of the hands, the right hand started continuing the movement, counterclockwise holding the ball, and the left hand started coming up underneath. So there was a vacillation from the horizontal right to left hand, left hand to right hand view, male-female polarity in a certain kind of way, to where it started moving more to where the right hand was going to be on top, but not quite yet. At this point when the hands were between sideways and top to bottom positioning, there started to become a rumbling or another tension that started to leak in. This too was as if the dual system in the dual system started becoming a foursome, and that foursome had its own force and momentum. It’s almost as if duality came into duality and interpenetrated that and forced it again, started slowly forcing it apart even more, once again. Now this took some time and we will go into time in a moment.

What started to happen is that the size of the ball actually started getting smaller between the hands. In other words, the opposites started getting closer and even more magnetically pulled and attracted towards each other because as the hands shifted, the right hand is now at the top, the left hand at the bottom. The ball shrunk tremendously; the distance between them was cut in half. So it is as if the top hand has negative/ positive and the bottom hand has positive/ negative. The attraction between them got so deep now that they got totally separated in body and idea. Genetically they were pulled together as one unit even though the bodies were separated now. There was a tremendous pull to stay in contact and in union with the opposite. This again is another experiment.

Time is a relative aspect of what was taking place. The motion continued. Motion needs time to continue. That is what motion is. It is something through time, it is measured through time. And the ball actually started moving faster in its counter-clockwise movement, much much faster like 4 times as fast. There was momentum. Soon the right hand started to become almost opposite again horizontally from the left hand, still very very close. Yet now there started to be an opposition. There started to be a "Whoa!" The attraction mellowed out. And there started to be also in each sphere an element of wholeness and almost a repulsion. It felt like repulsion at first because each sphere of energy and awareness and aliveness could now almost bump into each other rather than merge.

What started happening with all these separate units, in time, and now in this space (there’s this space element of the Creator that had the Idea of creating duality in space), and then time was added for momentum for the transformation and changes to happen. So the ball, so to speak, kept moving, once again coming around to the left on top of the right hand. But by this point there was a tremendous repulsion from each other. This is where things started to get chaotic, where things started to get strange. It started threatening the whole experience. How can cohesion happen where there’s such repulsion? And we as humans have been living here ever since, give or take a couple other interesting things that happened along the way.

So here we are doing everything we can to remember this Divine play and movement that had started in accord. To remember the Creator mind, some of us are praying so hard to get out of this trapped feeling of the repulsion because it feels so bad and it feels unnatural. And yet it is but the obvious cycle of evolution here. But in that desire, in that dreaming, this is what can occur. If we follow the hands or the procession and continue to follow that around even with the opposition, what would happen if the hands totally blew apart from each other? (which is where they are going.) Instead of fighting that, what would it look like once the hands are horizontal again, the lines between them horizontal again….almost the merkaba! It’s the extension of the midline of power from the center of the orb. And from into that, the energy can go back into Source.

So so many of us are struggling to go backwards and right the logical procession. We are not to go backward, we are to go forward and go into like super-nova state, which creates the space once again, where the awareness of Self simply evolves from that motion. And once that occurs, there’s a sense of relief. Who is left after this? It’s not an implosion, it’s not an explosion, and yet there’s such force behind it, it’s like a centrifuge. It just goes around and the parts are just spun out into Universe. And when that happens, here we are. And what is left? There is still something left. There’s still a consciousness left, there’s still a perceiver left. Then the work is to ask who is that perceiver. Once we find that perceiver, who’s behind that perceiver? What simply is? Some of us might want to identify with the creator of the whole system in the first place and stop there and feel comfortable there and rest a while, because we would imagine that creator as some sort of mad scientist perhaps so sweet old Earth –type mother baking a new recipe in the oven or a workman with his bench or perhaps a Merlin- type with a magic wand. But it’s still a personification. So what is that perceiver beyond all of that? That is where we are going and that is where we are being encouraged to go.

So the time element that we wanted to get back to is where these things called archetypes were laid in at the different stages of this journey. The consciousness wanted to try to make it make sense. And that is where we came up with the embittered martyr and the castrating bitch and the overbearing warlord and the murderess and the stinking disgusting demon and the saintly wonderful redeemer and all those archetypes in between, male/ female, pure/ impure, all of those, where all of that has been being explored. It was through time that allowed those to be developed. They did not just spontaneously erupt. They were adaptations to get used to the idea of all the changes that were happening to the consciousness and the physical form of the human body and the human mind, the development of the nervous system, of the heart functioning, of the chakra system, of the shushumna, of the meridians, all the nadis in the system. They were a development. As the beginning of a tadpole develops and becomes a tadpole and then becomes a frog- who would have thought that 4 legs would have come out of 1 tail? Then it lives and sings a particular kind of song and then dies and passes away. And that energy becomes something else. What becomes of that consciousness of that tadpole and the frog? What if it were to become extinct, or if and when this planet explodes and goes super-nova herself, what will become of that energy? So that is what we will leave you with right now, that quandary, hoping you will take time to sit with that and allow the unfoldment of your consciousness into that. For that truly is who you are without all these other false identifications with who you think you are, some of those archetypes, for example, and the opposite archetypes that balance each other out. That’s because that’s who you think you are. There is a reality here and there is so much beyond it waiting to be explored.

One could choose that this exploration could be complete and that the human mind in this lifetime be focused now into a different place so that the Sun, the I AM presence , the angelic form, the higher mind aspects can come and experience the last of your personal experience of the archetypes here, and in so doing again move that circle, move that orb, move that ball around. That’s what’s happening to complete this whole cycle, the allowance of that. It isn’t even a more important one. It’s just we think it will give us more happiness and more balance and we’re still desiring, we’re still in desire of that, and yet it is still a natural impulse at this point. So the greatest thing to do now is to simply relax and allow that natural impulse to happen. We’re here to guide and serve you in every step if you but ask.

Rev. Christine Hodil is a vibrational healer with a specialty in sound, ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek, spiritual counselor, improvisational vocalist, ritualist, and mystical educator with 18 years experience. She offers individual sessions in person and by phone, classes, intensives, and Fusion empowerments. Post Office Box 172, Forest Knolls, California 94933, 1-800-325-0264

The SOURCE CONNECTIONS series is deeply healing, transformational, initiatory, and educational. It helps you to access and change your very matrix of being to support your unfolding consciousness in a very real way. Many Master guides are available to us during the sessions, such as Gabriel, Metatron, Ezekiel, Hilarion, Yeshua, Mary, the Holy Spirit, Christ frequencies, Hathors, Egyptian energies, Angelics, Fusion energies, etc., etc. Be prepared for a deep inner journey into the links of creation between Source and physical manifestation.

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