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"Incubation", published Dec. '00 "Woman Spirit Rising""

Have you ever felt yourself in a time that can be described as fallow, where the inner soil is being nutrient-ized and reconstructed? It can be so challenging to ride through these times of seeming nonproductivity. "Who was I, anyway? Where did the spark go? Why does everything feel so flat? Will I still feel passion for..( my partner, my creativity, life itself)?"..where time seems to stand still although out of the corners of your mind you can perceive the immense activity on SO many levels; floating, rather detached and at other times so deepin shifting processes it's overwhelming?

Well, this is where I've been the last few months, feeling like I've had nothing to say (other than when I'm working or counseling). Simple, mundane, basic living, and then POP, up comes an amazing experience and insight into the nature of consciousness, then sliding back into rather plain existing, and at the same time knowing I'm surfing the edge of the greatest, wildest ride ever. Does this sound familiar to any of you out there? Wow. One of the best parts of it has been knowing that we are all involved in this grand dance, that although at times I have felt more humanly isolated than ever due to an injury, I am part of the intimate and divine orchestration of a huge awakening. The metaphysical support has been so tremendously palpable that even in my "dark night" moments I've still been able to feel my guides and inner resources holding me, protecting me, always lightening my load as much as I allow.

My prayer for today:

-- I am ready, God, to finally rest in Grace and to know myself fully, as God experiencing Human.

-- I am willing to journey through the maze of shadows I have harbored as part of my story, and move further into understanding the all-encompassing love and destiny I am creating.

-- I am able to now see myself in my Beauty which includes and is bigger than any polarized identifications I have previously held. I pray for continued fortitude and strength to meet any possible forthcoming challenges with humor, clarity, and most of all Trust.

-- I now surrender myself to the Wisdom and Love I am. I now allow myself to rest fully in the Ocean of Beingness of which we are all a part.

We are blessed.