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"Your Heart Rhythm"

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"Your Heart Rhythm" , published Oct. ’02 “Women Spirit Rising”

“What can I do about the hopelessness and the desire
to “go home” that I am feeling?”

Don’t worry. All is in order. You’re not far away from your goal of joy and freedom. What needs to be addressed next is the rhythm of your heart. It has been missing its own rhythm, that’s all, the signature of the maturity of your planet. Because all is not in place yet is the cause of the pain, the feeling out of sorts. Once again we use the word surrender. Surrender the thoughts and belief systems that you have that say you must be different from who you are now to fit in or to make your life work. You are supposed to be different from the frequencies here- that’s how they will mature, from your holding the awakened unified rhythms. As this happens more and more the longing you feel will cease from this union taking place. In the meantime, just know that the dearth of connection is not to be unexpected.

You are an integral part of the Earth’s awakening. You came here to experience a sense of separate identity, even a separation from love. You blended in, adopted a new frequency from which to live. You thought that rhythm was then your own. And when you felt your true self pop through, you judged yourself wrong. In the midst of reawakening to yourself there has been confusion as to what is your true frequency. Now the question is felt, “How can I carry and embody my true divine inheritance while still feeling identified or ensconced with the old?” As the planet awakens and is able to embody this great love, it will become easier for you to feel matched again. You sensitive ones, especially those of you who have willingly and lovingly volunteered to process collective karma, need to really hold your truth sacred and paramount in your minds and hearts. Don’t get distracted and give your energy to limitation, even while feeling it. Trust your own rhythm, you longing. Follow it through and allow it to melt your contractions. Know that your love supreme exists eternally. We are always here holding you, loving you, supporting you. It is a great transmutation that is occurring, rest assured. Love as best as you can whatever is in front of you, especially all that you are in your humanness, too. Love. Feel the true rhythm of your heart and surrender to it. From the depths of our heart, we thank you for the courage you have shown. We are with you, are you.