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"Spirituality and Healing"
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"Spirituality and Healing"
exerpt from talk given to Marin Integrative Healing Network Conference, March 22, 2000

I started seeing how working with the greater mind can affect the physical form, for indeed the physical form, as we know, is not only fueled by the soul, it is part of God, just as our personalities are; we take it one more step. We are fueled by God, we are That. And the more that we allow ourselves to drop all the conditionings of any sort and release our fears toward realizing that, we start to manifest that in our lives. Now oftentimes healings will happen in the body, sometimes not, sometimes the body might get worse for a while. One thing that I believe very strongly is that when we incarnate into this planet, this is a planet of duality. It's either/or good/bad, judgements, right/wrong; we've all probably had a few of these sometime. We come from a state of unity.I can say this with some sense of certainty because I've had those realizations. I've been able to experience these states consciously, be in them, experience them in my body, and they are wonderful! So when we start to work on that level for physical healing, emotional healing, and mental healing, we can go much further in. It's always a mystery to me about how far we can go because as it was previously said, it's "Thy will be done". We cannot affect things that are not meant to be, that's my sense so far. There are "miracle" healings; the soul has been readied to receive that.

So one way that I see that we can use spirituality in healing is to allow that we are worthy. We came here with a dharma or something to do. We have urges, we have desires. So one person might just know that person is to be a singer. You just know that. They feel it deeply in their body. One person is great at baking bread. That's maybe their dharma.T hat's how they feel life in their heart. And the important thing is to follow that intention of the soul, those kinds of leanings toward fulfillment because the fulfillment itself creates flows in the body. Constrictions will simply melt away when one does that.

Another way to work with spirit and healing is when one sees the functions and structures of the physical body and the auric field. It's similar to the Chinese meridian system. We know it's there because enough people see it and sometimes it can be measured.There are hundreds of these systems in the body's field and in the physical body itself.There are electrical systems,there are magnetic systems in the body.We live on an electromagnetic planet;she has her own grid systems.There are mental systems in the mental field that hold configurations of belief systems.Now if we know how to access these fields,we can create change with them.We can look at them,we can see "ok,this looks wonkey,this is not working,there's a big congestion there." Some people might feel heat,or they might feel cold where energy is not flowing through.So we can go in on these levels and start to see how we can affect these.The organs themselves have their own fields and we can be trained to perceive them.I'm sure a lot of people here have heard of Caroline Myss and different people who work with energy medicine and medical diagnosis through that field.You can literally see the conditions of the organs.This to me is spirituality because it's an allowance that the fields themselves are scintillating vibrations of God.They are a more physical aspect of the intention of life or idea of life that the Universal Mind has.

So we can start working with these things and bring them in for people to work with. Some spiritual healers can do phenomenal healing without any knowledge of that at all because they are so connected with the Divine that the forces and the awarenesses,we can use just the consciousness, to hold that potentiality so that the patient, or client, or student, or audience, or whatever, can feel that force and say yes to it.It can basically be that easy sometimes. It's a willingness in saying "Please,I'm willing. Thy will be done." I have hardly ever done everything that I've wanted with somebody, I guess that makes sense, right, I'm seeing "yes" in the audience (lots of laughter).You know better-you just want to go in there and move this energy. But the important thing is what is Spirit saying about that? What is this person's soul or Higher Self asking for during the healing? What are they ready for? Because if we push and go in and do surgery before it's time to do surgery, there's going to be some repercussions.And sometimes there's going to be some repercussions anyway because the body and mind are literally raising to a new frequency. We're speeding up, the Earth itself, its magnetic field is shifting. The pace is changing,and our bodies are doing the same. So to balance all these kinds of metaphysical fields within oneself, helps one to keep up with one's own health, physically, emotionally, mentally while we go through these step-up processes. And as we do this healing for ourselves and other people and gain more and more awareness of the huge vastness of potentiality, it gets simpler, too, because we lose, we tend to drop all the shoulds and shouldn'ts and things like that in our lives. It gets very clear. There's some very basic things we want. We want peace, we want love, we want good relationships, we like to be comfortable, we like to feel good,we like to feel connected. Spiritual healing, when one gets very full with that, that's the connection, that's the main connection. And when we have that, everything else can flow.

One other really wonderful benefit is that when we start awakening on this level, it feels really good, so that's the best for me. One can start experiencing bliss states in their body, and to really feel the connection with All-that-is ,and to really feel love when we look at people. Instead of seeing judgements, we say "Oh my God, look at that beauty. Look at that love, look at what that person has. I know what that person has even if that person doesn't yet." And to walk around like that is a beautiful thing.