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"What Is a Lifestream?"

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What Is A Lifestream?
a conversation with Michael, et. al., published Aug. ’00 ”Woman Spirit Rising”

I asked my guidance if there was anything they wanted to share with us for this newsletter. This is what ensued:

“What is a lifestream? “

A lifestream is a group energy that has agreed to operate on a consensual basis which creates a homogenous identity and hence, form; in this case, human in the third dimension.

“What does it take to expand it? “

A point of an idea which is vibrating slightly differently. If it varied more, a whole new idea of creation would take form.

“What is the human lifestream doing now? “

The mold of karma is being released (karma as "previously" created parameters of life patterns and possibilities). Imagine a cookie cutter holding in the form of the dough, or how the life configuration lies and from which it creates. Remove the cookie cutter and the cookie dough can expand, puff up, dissolve, run or move, gestate a new form, etc. This is the new human paradigm of possibility as we move from the relative static nature of the third dimension to the fourth and beyond.(which is simply vibrating at a faster rate.)

“What can we do to effect a smooth change?”

Hold intention of that. Call in Grace and Abundance. Consciously breathe and relax, let go. Hold a vision of freedom. Call on the energy and wellbeing of your guides to assist you. Continue to place your energy in constructive modes of thinking and being. Trust. Expand your vision of what's possible and beyond. The important thing to know is that you are not separate from the Creator, that you are the Creator in every moment. Namaste.