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published Oct. ’00, “Woman Spirit Rising”

How do we experience sound? The dictionary gives one definition of "ear" as "any of various organs capable of detecting vibratory motion." These vibrations are then carried along to the brain for its processes of categorization and cross-referencing. Yet there are other ways through which we experience sound. Our whole bodies feel the impact of these vibratory motions which affect from the outer layers of the aura into the bones and other internal tissues. This is possible because they, too, are composed of waveforms which can be perceived as sound current. In fact, all things are composed of consciousness which has discernable sound and light frequencies, and we can open to receive them.

Why would we want to do this? Besides being fun for those of us who love to play in such causative metaphysical realms, we can explore how we are all connected on an amazing level with everything, always, whether we wish to be or not! Also, by opening to perceive "silent" sound, we allow more spiritual information to be available to us, since sound carries consciousness. We also can affect great healing for ourselves and others by perceiving these sounds. We can use this ability of employing our "inner ear" to diagnose maladies, hearing where organs, etc, are out of harmony. We can bring change to these by employing other tones and sounds to entrain the out-of-tune tissues back into harmony. (Entrainment is the action of waveforms, which out of sympathetic resonance, take on or become the other waveforms.) Another wonderful activity we can do is tuning into beneficial energies such as planets, rays, healing herbs, etc, and bringing these frequencies into a room through our voice. This can impact the body-mind more than just bringing in the energies without sound, since it's more physical.

An exercise we can all do to explore opening the inner ear is this: Get into a meditative state in any comfortable aligned position. Empty the mind, becoming still and full of grace. When you're ready, have a crystal or a healing herb in your left hand, if that is your more receptive hand. You might want to hold it gently near your solar plexus. Ask the crystal or herb to be open to you bringing it through vocally, and begin. Let your breath bring through the sound. Don't judge the sounds that come through!!!! They could be quite strange, perhaps quite beautiful. Just trust and allow. Explore! See if you can hear its frequency silently, too, as if it were audible aurally. When you're done, give thanks for the communion.

This is a favorite exercise I have students do in my Mystical Exploration through Voice classes. Just about everyone feels the connection the first time. Have fun, and remember to love yourself.