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published 2000, "Woman Spirit Rising"

A sweet man friend had recently given me a beautiful barrel cactus which had been getting ready to bloom. All of a sudden the 3 blooms bulged out, each growing at least an inch in one day. With voluptuous tumescence, the huge smooth pods looked as if they were ready to burst. Such a different beauty juxtaposed against the reserved looking spiny trunk… One bloom sprang forth the day the giver of the gift came to visit me. We picked up the plant to marvel at its sight, the flower’s deep inner cup of a hundred oh so delicate looking pollen bearing stalks, all of graduated lengths which formed an expectant and welcoming bed for the insect and bird pollinators. We innocently took one deep inhale of the intoxicating smell- spicy, complex, rich, strong, as we consciously connected with the Essence of the flowering cactus herself. WOW! We were whisked into the ecstasy of the embrace of the Divine. Instantly nectar was pouring through our bodies as we went into uncontrollable rapturous laughter of exquisite joy. The force of the enlivening awakened us sexually, and we kissed and hugged a few times in the joy of being alive and feeling Divine communion. Waves of bliss poured through us as we had to repeatedly pause for deep breaths to allow our bodies to integrate the heightened flow, our eyes and mouths wide in amazement and awe, laughter still pouring loudly from us. I thought for a moment, ‘Oh my God, the neighbors, what will they think? We must look crazy!” since we were within earshot and in full view of anyone who might be passing by. The flow of joy and love quickly put those fears to rest and we continued to exude our own sweetness. Ah!, I thought- this is the magical joy of the creative principle. The love was overwhelming. We felt renewed, enlivened, so blessed to have such a friendship in which these spontaneous experiences of orgasmic bliss could wash through us from such an innocent and natural beginning. What could be more nourishing than connection with the Divine Mother within and all she creates?