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The energies and benefits available in these mp3s far exceed the ones mentioned below. Your 8 Chakras and more will be cleared, healed, activated, and integrated to their unique heightened capacities with the encoded energies, words, and sound healing!  Much more is available as the overlighting powers of consciousness within them will come forward attuned for your specific needs each time you listen. These have so easily helped many people change their lives in so many wonderful ways! 
If you are energy sensitive, you might like to just gaze at the glyphs below that we created specifically to be transmissions of each recording.

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7th Chakra CD
 Supports: clear Knowing of Source, finding one's own truth. Necessary to be open and flourishing to be able to change life (along with 1st.) 
 Clears: implants, religious and cultural dogma, unhelpful archetypes.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Sehkmet, Quan Yin, Elohim, Grace.

6th Chakra CD
 Supports: Clear and new rules of perception of Divine Truth, greater sense of self.
 Clears: cords, contracts, time and place mechanisms, pressure in head, false patterning.   
 Extra Activation: very potent pineal codes reactivation and harmonic overlays.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Hathors, Master Jesus / Yeshua, Raphael.

5th Chakra CD

 Supports: expressing full unique voice; communication skills; hearing. Crucial for this planet’s survival.
 Clears: belief systems, constructs, trust issues, loop systems in mental body, fear, implants, old having given away power and responsibility as priests and priestesses (especially in Atlantis).
 Helpers mentioned by name: Hilarion, Elohim, Cherabim, Seraphim.

4th and Thymus Chakras CD
 4th Supports: mastery of ability to love, ability to navigate waves of change, safety of body, flexibility of emotional and mental bodies.
 Thymus Supports: bridges the human form’s energetic constructs of the Universe, keeps from harm; whole, balanced, well being, endocrine system.
 Clears: thought forms and detrimental energies, old pains, agreements of love from the heart.
 Extra Activation: Connection with Terra, heart gem of Earth.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Angelic teams, Angels of Becoming.

3rd Chakra CD

 Supports: self image, potency, empowerment, being a star yourself, gut intuition, oneness with nature, feel true origins, manifesting, life cohesion, strength, protection
 Clears: adversarial grids, weight of world, ancient mechanisms.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Solar angels, Elohim, Angels of Embodiment, Cosmic Mother, Hilarion.

2nd Chakra CD

 Supports: power of creation in world, sexuality, freedom of feeling, full power expression of Goddess / God within, dignity, remembering who you are now, strengthening, cosmic placement.
 Clears: safeguards that wouldn’t allow usage of your power, Atlantean devices in womb, emotional debris, memory implants, shame of being alive, self castigation, self doubt.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Hilarion, Cosmic Mother.

1st Chakra CD

 Supports: life force, creativity, new course pivoting from center, ordination of possibility, claiming new future without a past, Essence at helm of life, feeing at home, full exuberance. Necessary to be open and flourishing to be able to change life (along with 7th). Great sun of creation.
 Clears: karmic debts.
 Extra Activation: New pranic tube and connection with pranic tube of Earth. New grid.
 Helpers mentioned by name: Pallas Athena, Quan Yin, Christ, Pan, Sananda, Yeshua.

Integration CD

 Supports: strengthening of pranic tube and tube torus, alignment with new soul energy, reorganization of light bodies and increase of light.
 Extra Activation: Thymus download; information about the Activator and spleen chakras.
 Helpers mentioned by name: elementals, fairies, Quan Yin, Divine Feminine, Father, Andromedans, Hathors, Egyptian energies of power.

Compilation CD

 Body oriented meditation from Integration CD that brings in some beautiful energy and consciousness. Then questions and answers from the 7th, 5th, 4th and Thymus, 3rd, and 2nd chakra events (not included on those individual recordings).
 Topics: opening the heart, ringing in ears, hearing challenges, how to work with relationship cords, chakra system, mediumship, speaking up in world and being heard, activism, how to live with world systems crumbling, how to affect change in world, true power, investments in this economy and security, predictions, physical pain and process; heart palpitations.
 Closing prayer.