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Each of these MP3s help you clear your old duality based metaphysical structures that have kept you locked in self defeating patterns. They also help activate, create, and awaken more evolved structures or grids which enable you to live your life from a whole new level of potential, understanding, to being and receiving more love, joy, peace, intuition, and the power of creativity.


"Restructuring the Grids of Your Reality Base",   number 1  -  MP3   $70


"Restructuring and Harmonizing Your Grids",   number 2  -  MP3  $70  

                                   Information below. 

Have you been feeling unsettled lately? Big cosmic shifts are happening!

Past Event:
August 6:  5:30-6:30 PM, Pacific Telecall:  
Restructuring and Harmonizing Your Grids


Crop Circle tells of our huge upcoming shift!

I have known for some months that something that was going to happen on August 1st was going to create tremendous change, even before I realized it was a solar eclipse. Someone sent me the crop circle above and asked for feedback of what we saw it meant, and her information was that it was to come into effect August 1st! What I saw was so huge and awesome, it inspired me to offer this telecall event on August 4th. (My letter to her with what I saw is below.)
We are electromagnetic beings, and the physical and energetic shifts that are happening with Gaia and throughout our solar system are affecting us deeply, with many people having a very difficult time emotionally and in many other ways. We need to become ever more centered in our true beingness to be able to gracefully live in these times. I have been guided to offer assistance with the following event.

August 6:  5:30 - 6:30 PM, Pacific, Telecall:

Restructuring and Harmonizing the Grids
Everyone on this call will release old structures that are holding them back from this marvelous shift into a more enlightened state, and will harmonize their metaphysical structures and mind within themselves and the New Earth. This call will be very potent!
A few testimonials from attendees of other recent healing and activation telecalls: 
“Finally I can feel the core of who I truly am again!”  L.S., Oregon

“Christine channeled an amazing clearing and healing. I feel eternally grateful for the profound benefits, insights, and confidence to reclaim my personal power.” HRS, California
"Dear Christine, Tonight's session was amazing! You are amazing! I'm blown away by your style, your gifts, your voice. I left my thinking/judging mind behind and enered the gates of heaven. I am still vibrating in the energies of blissful peace. The physical symptoms are rapidly clearing now and they will not be coming back."  L.S., Canada


Reading of Crop Circle:

A wave of enlightenment is depicted. It represents further inter-penetration, felt, of balance of the physical world and causation world. And a conscious grounding of such. 8 dimensional grid being laid. "As above so below". A speeding up of matter.

As I was noticing how it was not lined up perfectly with the lines made by man, I was told it is a trine of balance, among the seen, the unseen, and the unmanifest. Like joy, laughter, and song (causative song). A vortex will be activated as the old is torn and then sucked away upwards and the new energies pulsate and come into play.There will be a release of perceived and literal separations in the cosmic field between these worlds, and in humanity's ideas about separation and conflict.

There will be a resurgence of old ideas and the where-with-all to make them happen.

When activated and in play, I see the center conglomerate of circles pulsating and  springing up and down, like a trampoline, with the outside circle acting as a stabilizing and protective anchoring, a 'ring pass not', the one closer to the center slightly turned into the vortex, while the outer ring is totally stable, like staples into the greater mind field and the planet. Female and male large circles, (although in different pictures I see them as opposite in their gender!), the female open, diffuse, like a fireworks, a fountain of diffuse energy; the male looks as a phallic, like a piston, smooth; is a bridge. The male and female embrace around the child, the center, their creation.

It feels that there will be specific portal areas on th Earth, the entry points for these energies to start their work. Africa holds several (one in northeast of continent - Kenya is one, one near Gambia, equator important for some reason....ah, so it can carry the codes with stability around the axis of the planet), Argentina, near some mountains; near Llasa, Tibet; Peru is involved; China, in outer Mangolia; some miles off the southern coast of Louisiana., Mexico, and others... The individual ones will not operate separately; rather they are fingers of one large vortex that will suck up the material of old dying and outmoded structures that will be cracked apart...

As I write this I can feel and see the inner springs of Gaia, in their pristine tinkling awareness, the new Earth to be reborn. Perhaps this is part of the old ideas mentioned previously springing forth again... the original clear frequencies that created this planet. Looks and sounds good to me! And as the liquid waters of life are being replenished and re-instilled, so shall our bodies resonate with this and be reborn. Rejuvenating.

Some of the energies are coming from outside this galaxy, and they are getting closer to our time frame. That is why this is happening now. The whole planet is starting to shift to future time, in a second. In other words, it is likely that we will notice many changes which have to do with releasing time as our gatepost to knowing how to act in accordance with regular reality. Somehow the past, present, and future look as though they will start to overlap and there might be some confusion until we learn how to activate our inner "compass' to navigate our lives and minds. This will help us to see there is nothing under us nothing holding us into any form but our own consciousness and mind, that nothing is stable or meant to be stable! Space is the place, and is mostly all we can base our lives on anymore. Pretty radical! like jumping out of a plane and having to trust that someone knows how to orchestrate our flight! Not necessarily for the timid, but this is what will be revealed more and more. The bottom dropping out from under us. SImply our nature as pure consciousness, playing around and orchestrating a wondrous display of light and sound. How cool is that?

Pretty amazing. I am looking forward to it.!! Well, it has already started, and the rumblings are being felt very subtly already.

Call Rev. Christine with any questions: 1-800-325-0264