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Christine's Singing interpretation of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers painting by Minouche Graglia

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"Peace Makers, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers"


 You are hearing the live 2010 recording of "Blessing Song" in its entirety as it was spontaneously brought through Christine's voice as a blessing for the staff of the Center of Sacred Studies while they worked, where this beautiful living painting hangs.
"As I and Minouche were setting up equipment to record later in the day, this song came to me as a ball of energy, a pressure, that had to be sounded right then. I was told I needed to sing a Blessing Song for the staff, so I asked permission of Jyoti and the staff who were working in the room to do so. We turned on the recorder, and here is the song that came through from the higher energies. I took the liberty of changing 2 words, one which was one of the elements names, and another because I felt it gives a broader scope of understanding. Some months after I sang this energy of this song, I read the first chapter of the book about the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council "Grandmothers Counsel the World", and lo and behold, many of the lyrics of this channeled song were in the book!
Loving Oneness is always here with us, and lives in us, IS us. We are so blessed!"
"Blessing Song" will become available as an MP3, along with other channeled songs of Christine singing Minouche's paintings. Stay tuned, join our mailing list! Sign up on our home page.
We are starting to professionally master "Blessing Song" and 1 other called "We Thank You" which was also brought forth from our time at the Center. Donations to this project will help with the engineering, production, and hiring of stellar musicians to complete them.
If you would like to help this beautiful energy come out into the world, you can make a donation below through Paypal with a Paypal account or credit card, or by mailing a check to Christine Hodil, 22 Meadow Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903. Thank you!
 All blessings to you!



Christine, Minouche, Jyoti (Director of Center for Sacred Studies) at Grandmothers benefit in S.F.

Christine singing the painting at the Center for Spiritual Studies.


Click here for YOUTUBE slideshow of this painting and a montage of just the beginning and end of "Blessing Song".